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Hypertrophy programs

Hello People

Was wondering what programs u guys use for increasing just muscle size ,i have always mostly used low reps 4-6 reps and have gained very well on this but i read that for hypertrophy reps from 8-12 should be used,so was just curious how u guys train???

Thanks guys


do what works for you. low reps are fine, and generally the prefered around here.
start reading any of CT’s articles esp OVT and pendulum, these will be good for a change of pace.

See in “previous issues” CT’s articles No 284,293.

TUL, density and volume play much more of an important role than number of reps alone.

You can grow from low reps and in the “hypertrophy” rep range. The growth between the types of training is different. So, why not do both?

There are maany programs that incorporate both high and low rep training. I’ll recommend Chad Waterbury’s ABBH. Some people like HST. I’m currently doing the workout from Lyle’s UD2 book.