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Hypertrophy Program


I want to design a program and I'm looking for ideas. I'm trying to design a hypertrophy program using Waterbury's principles and Charles Staley's principles. I was thinking of something along the lines of an EDT whole body four times a week, but split the sessions up with lower body and upper body with each one using a heavier weight (functional hypertrophy) and lighter weight (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy).

Mon lower body heavy
Wed upper body light
Frid lower body light
Sun upper body heavy

Just wondering what you guys thought and would appreciate any tips/feedback.


Honestly not a fan of the concept.

I love both seperately but not combined the way you say.

See EDT is high volume as is. Then you drop the load down and do say 15 minute PR starting at say 10 reps. Good lord your talking in the high hundreds after 15 minutes. The load would be SH%T as well IMO.

Now you could mix them how Charles has stated recently. Do a major compound anatagonist pair at say 10 x 3 and then follow that with EDT. 1 or two PR zones. Then have another day say 3-5 x 15 - 20 followed by EDT.

Two upper two lower. Dunno.

I am currently thinking of Giving Charles suggestion of 10 x 3 followed by EDT a run. I am loving ther EDT I have been doing and might see how that works.

Hope that helps,


I'm also not a huge fan, but I've done stuff that other people haven't been fans of and it's worked for me. I would try mixing TBT with EDT if you're going to do anything. Do two PR zones for each session. One upper body (pick a pushing and a pulling exercise) and one lower body (pick a hip and a quad exercise). Such as:


A1. Flat bench
A2. Bent over row

B1. Back Squat
B2. Power clean


A1. Deadlift
A2. Front squat

B1. Pull up
B2. Overhead press


A1. Dips
A2. Seated cable row

B1. Good morning
B2. Zercher squat


Hey guiys, thanks for the replies. What i meant was like
Mon: 85% 2 PR zones
split squats
leg curls

Wed: 60% 2 PR zones
military press

Fri: 60% 2 PR zones
reverse lunges
straight legged deadlifts
leg press high and wide
standing leg curls

Sun: 85% 2 PR zones
pull ups
incline bench
face pulls


I completely understand what you were saying.

I still stand by what I said earlier. Those 60% days will have CRAZY volume. in the hundreds.

But who the hell knows could work for you. The other option seemed great as well IMO.

Good luck and have fun on which ever path you choose.


im on a 2 day split like that right now and i have gone up both weeks on it.


I have actually Asked Charles something similiar and he prefers do a 8x3 or 10x3 First then a 15 PR Zone if you are combining the 2. Doing a Heavy and light is not a bad idea that someone else has asked before where they take their 5 rep max and do 2 to 3 reps then the other day is the normal 10rep max doing 5/6 reps.Not to speak for Charles but I believe he feels its hard to do lower only combo's. Prefers a Total body split. Say Pull Ups/Chins- Bench/RDL.
Sorry so long :slight_smile: