Hypertrophy Program

Just coming off an 8 week strength cycle and after a week of rest i plan to start a bodybuilding type program for a couple of months. I have checked out all of the routines on the website (as well as some off site) and i was wondering if i could get some opinions. I have read the individual feedback on all the routines and all of them seem to be cool but which one would you guys choose?


My advice would be to rest 2 weeks and then try HST.

For something refreshing and different that provides great results…

Chad Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program, hands down.

I second CW’s ABBH - its a great program.

EDT. If you are used to doing 5x5 type strength training, it’ll give your muscles a big shock. Worked for me, anyhow.

I third ABBH. But also look into OVT. Just get ready to work hard and be sore!

Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program. You’ll gain mad size, plus, you won’t lose your strength.

All are good. you need to analyze your time and split system. OVT is great as is the anti-bodybuilding program. I’m working on my strength doing 3 rep sets and the soreness levels are through the roof because of the high muscle tension. laters pk

Looks like i will give ABBH a try. Thanks to all for the feedback. Will post results in a couple of months.


Renegade Bodybuilding!

I’m shocked you’d recommend that, Nate Doggity-Dog! :slight_smile:

whatever suits your needs.

I have not tried all of them but really enjoyed OVT and the gains (in strength and size). Just make sure your recovery is up to scratch (ie lotsa rest and food) as i found it very demanding.