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Hypertrophy Program

This program has worked well for me twice in the past. Its not something I would do often, I waited a year and a half between the times I did it. heres a link to it

*my bad, I checked the link and it didn’t go to the workout, here it is-

Growing season

The first time I felt really good, but I was 19. The second time, at 21, I felt very over trained by the end had some tendinitis. I still enjoyed the program, but if I did it again I’d have to cut the volume.

whew, we can shut down this site now. All the answers are there.

I know this program is very different from most prescribed by the authors on this site, but again, I wouldn’t suggest someone train like this all the time. The first time I ran this program I went from 170ish to about 200lbs. It was probably 20 lb muscle and 10 lb fat. The second time I went from a leaner 195 to 210, very little fat gain. I ate like a horse and tried to sleep as much as possible.

Here were some of my stats on this program:
Squat 5x5-385, 10x10-285, 6x6-365
RDL 5x5-405, 10x10-295, 6x6-385
Bench 5x5-285 (5,5,4,3,3) 10x10- 205, 6x6-265

It worked well for me. Now I’m on the Ed Coan bench, squat and deadlift powerlifting program, much lower volume. I do believe for someone to progress on this program they have to have very good recovery abilities. And I don’t think that I’d be able to do the program again as it is written, but I may use it as a base and adjust it to fit me.

I would just like to know what some of you think about the program or what you would change.