Hypertrophy Program That Complements 5/3/1 without S/B/DL?

Hi. Maybe this has been asked and answered already. Is there a structured hypertrophy program that complements 5/3/1, but which does not involve squat, bench, and deadlift?

I’ve been running 5/3/1 for a while, along with BBB. However, I am getting a little bored. For the summer (say for 6-8 weeks), I was hoping to run a structured hypertrophy program for a little change, and one that does not involve bench, squat, deadlift, BUT, will help with the bench, squat, deadlift once I finish the structured hypertrophy program. And by structured, I really like how easy 5/3/1 is to follow, and I was looking for something just as simple and structured, which will tell me what to do each workout.

I just got the Forever 531 book, but have not read it yet (just got it today), so I am not sure if there is something in there.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

You mean no big lifts or could you do front squat, block pulls, and incline bench?

I would say do walrus circuits (explained in book) followed by a few isolation moves of your choice. Jim mostly trains this way now and it’s a fun change of pace.

Yes those lifts are fine. Just no flat bench, high bar squat (or low) and plain old deadlifts. Thanks. Any thoughts?

Just take a 5/3/1 program and use different movements. Establish a new TM

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It depends on how much change you want. Although for different reasons, I have ran 5/3/1 before with different exercises because of an injury, it is perfectly adaptable, although maybe not to the extent of 5/3/1 biceps curls lol. Rows, chin-up, incline press, floor press, even leg press which I did to spare my back but stimulate the lower.

If you want something easy to follow but a complete change from 5/3/1, Doggcrap is a good option, especially for hypertrophy. I tend to enjoy it for the first 2 week cycle because you only do big moves like squat variation or barbell press once per 2 weeks. However, I grow to hate machine work really fast so by the end of a 6-8 week block of DC I’m itching to go back to 5/3/1 or big lifts in general.

Hi - if your planning to avoid the compound exercises why don’t you consider doing some sandbag or strongman workouts. As you’ve already been doing a hypertrophy workout (531 BBB), a change in gear towards these will give you hypertrophy and cardio for a couple of weeks.

I’m currently running a modified version of 531 BBB i.e. I do 531 with FSL instead of the 5x10. Then I perform two or three heavy sandbag exercises at the end of each workout.

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