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Hypertrophy Program Review

I’ve recently begun following “Hypertrophy for Skinny Guys” program. I’m new to the whole “bulking” game, so I was hoping to get some insight as to how effective the structure of this program is. It has you lifting 5 times a week, Monday/Thursday is legs/arms, Tuesday/Friday is chest/back/shoulders. Wednesday’s are shorter, work capacity and core work sessions. The first leg and arm day consisted of:
8 rounds
8 front squats
8 BB biceps curls

6 rounds
10 deadlifts
10 tricep bench dips

4 rounds
12 back squats
12 DB curl to overhead press

The first chest/back/shoulder routine was:

8 rounds
8 BB bench press
8 BB bent over rows

6 rounds
10 seated alternating & rotating DB shoulder press
10 horizontal pull-ups

4 rounds
12 Incline BB bench press
8 chin-ups

The program follows this structure, implementing mostly the same exercises but switching up the reps/sets. It also includes DB walking lunges for legs, DB flys for chest, DB curls and bar dips for arms. Any thoughts? Thanks!

How do you enjoy doing it?
What’s your progress so far?
What’s your diet like?

I saw your thread in the other section.

Here’s the problem. The way this program is structured, it’s likely you will turn it into a circuit training session like most guys I know who have been through your type of training.

What you should do is select a program that focusses on weight progression for the compound exercises. 5/3/1, Starting Strength etc.

I’m enjoying. It’s been a kick in the nuts, but it’s all good.

I’ve upped my calorie intake, dropped a portion of cardio as well.

I’ve done my best to keep it from turning into a circuit. I neglected to mention that the routine has a stretch or mobility movement programed into each combo (i.e.: 8 rounds: 8 bench press, 8 bent over rows, lat+pec stretch), and this keeps the pace slower. One question I do have is what is the most commonly accepted ideology on rest periods between sets for muscle growth? Shorter rest or longer?