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Hypertrophy Possible Using Only NCT?


Hi Coach CT, this question follows on from my previous query regarding constant CNS fatigue when exercising…

Given the fragility of my CNS due to all the unavoidable stressors in my life, I was wondering if it is possible to design a strength / hyper trophy / conditioning type program using the principles of NCT. Not all at the same time of course, but still…

For example, even though I am untrained, I am still a fairly big guy and only being able to bench 60kg’s worth of plates and pulling 80kg’s worth of plates on the deadlift (squat is even worse) makes me wonder if, among other things, my CNS is a bigger problem than I thought at first…

To my mind, the fact that when it comes to whole body natural movements like wrestling, most complain that I am too strong for them, or that I can actually do a 80Kg highpull from hang kind of like confirms my suspicions in that the wrestling and high pull movements that are different to weightlifting movements also use different pathways in the CNS?

So, in order to bring my CNS “up to scratch” so to speak, led me to start pondering if I could used the NCT as a rehabilitation tool to improve strength initially and then move on to conditioning and then hyper trophy…

Is this possible at all or are my thoughts brain farts?


NCT is strictly to restore the CNS or help it recover faster. It can improve body comp a bit but it is not designed to increase strength or size. If you are turning it into a strength program you will be doing it wrong and will cause neural fatigue instead of speed up recovery.

You would need at least 1 weekly workout devoted to strength/hypertrophy along with a few NCT workouts.

You can start with 1 strength/hypertrophy workout and 3-4 NCT then try 2 Strength/hypertrophy (or one of each) with 2-3 NCT


Thanks Coach, much appreciated.

So basically, exactly what you suggested in my other post…I should know by now, when you make changes to a program, it is no longer the program…

BTW, if I do NCT training, will the restoration of the CNS by this modality spill over into everyday life…i.e. will I get some vitality back?


Yes it should because it works by increasing dopamine levels and the elevation should last a few days, especially after 2 NCT days