Hypertrophy Plan

So a couple days ago my brother asked me if I could help him gain some mass. Happy to help I outlined a meal plan However I do not know on what kind of program I should put him on. He has only 3 days to lift and has some experience lifting.

So I was wondering if it would be better to put him on a push,pull,legs or a 3x a week fullbody plan. I would prefer to put him on a 4 day split but he does not ahve the time .

His food intake at the moment is 4500 calories , 1500 are from protein shakes. His stats are 5’10, 140 lbs.

I would highly recomend the critical bench program. www.criticalbench.com
I’ve done it, works beautifuly. Its very simple in nature, great for beginners.

4500 calories for someone who is 140lbs?

Welcome to fat city.

[quote]mr popular wrote:
4500 calories for someone who is 140lbs?

Welcome to fat city.[/quote]

I know, right!

When I weighed 150lbs I only used to eat around 3200 calories to bulk.

Maybe he doesn’t care what he looks like. All he cares about is getting stronger, and bigger.

My brother has a very fast metabolism before getting serious he would lift on and off and eat whatever he wanted all the time. Mcdonalds, in & out, you name it he ate it, after a year he still weighs around 140-145 lbs.

I’d say keep the 4500 calories. If it is too much it isn’t going to make him instantly fat, and it is better to shoot a little too high than to waste weeks or months trying to figure out the exact amount of calories you’d need to make gains and not put on any fat.

For overall mass, stick with a full body plan 3x a week, like Chad Waterbury recommends. It worked great for me. include either a squat or deadlift variation, and one upper body push and one upper body pull movement. And alternate movements. Good luck.

Rippetoe. with added dips, pullups, bicep curls, weighted cable crunches/weighted leg raises as recommended.
Ideal for beginners (and for strength gains in intermediate lifters) Follow that up with a 5x5 and in a year or so he should be unrecognizable (as long as he keeps adding weight to the bar). Most importantly he will be able to milk a higher volume program to a good extent after he is able to tap into his strength fibers properly and able to exert himself on various lifts (besides getting the mind muscle connection on the exercises)

let him eat some World God Food shakes… search it

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Here it is:

2 cups whole milk
4 TBSP Pbutter
60g Whey Protein Chocolate (preferably)
3 raw eggs ( ALL OF THE EGG)
2 bananas
5 oreos

It contains:
1906.3 Calories
138g Protein
167.5 Carbs
92.9 Fat

Now if that doesnt make your brother grow advise him to take up yoga or stamp collecting.

PS: For those of us not gifted with extra t, i advise drinking it over the course of 1-2 hrs.
Downing it in one go, will hurt you :slight_smile:

The 5x5 program looks pretty good, the calculator does it for you and only has three workouts a week.

[quote]Corkonian wrote:
PS: For those of us not gifted with extra t, i advise drinking it over the course of 1-2 hrs.
Downing it in one go, will hurt you :)[/quote]

Assuming his brother is a young teen, and if he is hitting the weights every day the extra T will deffenatly be there, as well as an increased appetite. I have drank quite a few and at first it may seam like you cannot put it down in one sitting. You can, it taste amazing. I’d recomend him drink 2 a day in between breakfast and lunch; lunch and dinner. It has 1900 cals by the way. If that and the above recomendation on fast food (yummy triple wopper) doesn’t do the trick, lol damn…

For the recond, you don’t necessarily have to be “gifted with extra T” or enhanced (on AAS) to have increased appetite. I’m 5’8" 180lbs. ahhh i’d say 13-14%. I have on two different occasions, eatin 2 foot long subs and on another 2 triple woppers and a large frie… In about the time it took my friend to eat one. My point being, if you train frequently, and intensely, T and app. will come.