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Hypertrophy Parameters & Methods


Alright Ill kick this thread off with some rep/set schemes and ideas.

- 4-6 & 6-8 rep ranges
- Low Rep More Sets


I don't know what you call this but heres an example.

Load bar with 85-90% of your 1RM and pump out 3 reps, not to failure. Then strip the weight, and without rest, pump out 6-8 reps with the same exercise.



It's called a drop set.


The "cheat" system
forced reps
burns (partial or half reps)
Tri sets
compound sets
light to heavy pyramid
heavy to light pyramid
Super overload system (sort of like a partial eccentric rep, with the lock out under your own steam.)
Rest pause

probably a couple others. This was my point concerning you wanting to add the "gucci" isometric and eccentric stuff. You wont need it, or if you do, it'll be very rare. Id still advocate using it occasionally but not devoting the amount of time you were proposing. Just a thought, and hope its coming along well.


Errr. Drop set, you would take a certain weight and go to faliure and then strip the weight and go to failure again.

This type doest call for failure. I think the heavy load potentiates the muscles.

-The Truth



did that come out right?

"potentiates the muscle"--whatever


Haha, maybe it is spinning the same thing.

But lifting heavier weight does potentiate the CNS, which in turn can make your hypertrophy training more effective.


Not sure youve grasped it here, you rack the weight then blast out a few more reps with no rest on a lighter weight. Also known as stripping (The bar) or running the rack (Dumbells). Very little potentiation imo.

Your reading way too much into this and are considering planning to use methods you dont have any experience of. I think this could be a mistake. JMO, but i still like the overall structure.


Hey Mick,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I'm not looking to incorporate all these methods, Im just always out there trying to absorb everything thats out there. I know it isnt beneficial, but its hard to change!