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Hypertrophy or High Reps


guys im really confuzed, ive been reading and reading like crazy on which type of exercise is best. for about a month i been doin 5x5. this month should i do 10x3 maybe? i thought about flippin a damn quarter haha....


sure sounds good.

Or even switch the reps for days of the week. Just keep it varied and interesting


flip it..

It is not a bad thing to change rep/weight schemes. Sometimes you want to make sure that you do them long enough to gauge results, complete anarchy isn't the main goal here. But changing schemes is almost always a good wau to go.

Next month go 3x10--whatever


by the way i forgot to mention this, im going for size, tryin to bulk up.



Then super set whatever rep scheme you use for your workout with high rep fork and cup lifts immediate PWO and continuing until the next w/o.

You simply need to Eat and LIFT. Try and progress and mix it up if you are bored or stagnating. In general if you are eating getting and getting stornger you will Grow. Sure you can throw in some of the more traditional 3x8-10 pure hypertrophy work BUT I wouldnt ignore the heavier loads that lower reps bring.


Remember that everything works...for about 6 weeks or so. So, pretty much, you can't mess yourself up too badly in terms of progress by switching things up every 4-6 weeks.

5x5 works for a bunch of people. 10x3 works for a bunch of people. 6x4 works for a bunch of people. EDT which has no set set/rep ranges works for a bunch of people. Enjoy.


thanx fellas, i appreciate it