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Hypertrophy Of Heart Possible?


I am wondering if lets say in an extreme example someone took large doses of steriods and used cocaine/speed thus over working the heart, could hypertrophy occur in the heart muscle?

and if yes why is this bad? sounds a silly question but why whu would a stonger larger heart be detremental surely bigger and stronger is best?



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It's possible. Long distance runners typically have hypertrophied hearts. Any cardio will do it. Roids might do it, I dunno.

You can actually see it at any of the body-world exhibitions.


Oh, and it's healthy to a point. But the heart can get too big for the space that it is in. I think that's how Jesse Marunde died. It happens.


thanks for a very enlightening and informative post Bushy, I have been in the wilderness for sometime but now im back im still swigging my pink drink and finally have the makings of a home gym in my garage :slightly_smiling:

Ok must go I need to resurect my lingerie thread



PS: I do not do gear and coke (I can't afford both at the same time)


Cardiac hypertrophy consists of when the either of the ventricle (left or right) increases in size due to an increase in blood pressure. An exception to this is when an individual performs aerobic exercise regularly and hypertrophy and dilation both occurs and is beneficial. With this, the heart becomes more powerful and can pump more blood in few beats.

By having high blood pressure, you can get a hole in one of your ventricles from the force of the blood.


Another problem with and enlarged heart is that it can grow inward, which makes the volume of the heart smaller. Then it is harder for the heart to pump blood.