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Hypertrophy Method

What single method(and correct perioditation) is most effective in building muscle?

If this question had an answer, there wouldn’t be any need for a place like T-Nation. The ‘best’ method, if such a thing exists, is relative to the individual and the goal. Bodybuilding is not one-size-fits-all.

[quote]Paul0 wrote:
What single method(and correct perioditation) is most effective in building muscle?[/quote]

The basic concept of lifting enough weight that your body has to adapt to it, eating more than your body needs to maintain your body weight, and resting enough to allow time to grow.

There is no one single best way for everyone to gain muscle mass unless you are looking at its most basic terms. Your genetics are not like anyone else’s. What works for one person won’t work as well for another. That is why those who spend their time looking for the “perfect” written program instead of getting into the gym and applying a solid work ethic will never reach their potential. This is largely trial and error. Not only that, but you can make up for a less than perfect training program by simply working harder. Some of the largest people in your gym probably don’t know exactly why they got that way as far as scientific principals.

Variety is the single most effective way…

I fully agree with Prof X, just want to add that variety is also important. If you’re hammering away on the same program month after month your gains will stagnate. Change up set, reps, high volume, low volume, high intensity, low intensity… I think you get the point?

Chose a program from this site, any program. Follow it exactly as written to the end. Take a week off and start another program.

Might also add that your diet is just as, or even more, important that the program. Lots of info around here, start searching and studying.

Good luck