Hypertrophy (Emphasis) and Strength, Types 2B and 3

Hi CT, just a quick question:
Among your plans, which one would you choose for a 2B individual, with a first emphasis in hypertrophy (legs first above all) and second strength? Considering 4 days each week to train.

Which one for (same goals) a type 3 person?

Thanks, in advance, I really appreciate the effort you put to answer all of this questions in your forum.

Most my plans are for Type 2As since that’s what I am and before I started building the neurotyping system I basically wrote articles based on how I personally trained and what I used with clients. The HSS-100 plan would be the closer to a 2B program that I can think off. Any of Meadows program (Reactive pump) would work well

Of course on my Thibarmy website I sell a 2B specific program