Hypertrophy block for athletes

I recently received your “Black Book” and was looking at the block arrangements for an anaerobic athlete, especially for a football player. I was wondering what kind of exercises and set/rep scheme you would use for a hypertrophy block when dealing with football players. Do you still incorporate olympic lifts? Do you train each bodypart more than once as in a typical bodybuilding program? Thanks for your help.


With athlete I almost always use an upper body/lower body split or a whole-body system.

During an hypertrophy block I will always use a lower/upper split with two workouts of each.

I still use mostly basic exercises:

  • deadlift and variations
  • bench press and variations
  • squat and variations
  • overhead press and variations
  • rowing

I will still use the power clean and/or power snatch. The volume will be higher (sets of 4-6 reps generally)than during a max strength block but these exercises are not used to increase muscle mass, but to maintain power levels high and to reiforce proper lifting technique.