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Hypertrophy back program from Iron Dog 188 (Tmag) question


I just started the back program from Iron Dog 188 and had a question about what I should do?

It say for exercises:
Wide grip pull-up to sternum 4sets A.M.R.A.P.
Close grip chin-up 4sets A.M.R.A.P.

The question: I can only do reps for Wide(7,4,3,3) Chin(4,3,3,2) using my own bodyweight. Should I use one of the assisting machines and if so what should be the rep range that I should try to be shooting for to get the best workout ?


I think I’d stick to whatever reps you can get. The number will go up eventually. Sternum chins, done correctly, are tough! Another option is to do AMRAP with bodyweight, then finish off with a machine, but I’d stick with the first suggestion.

Do as many as you can and then don’t go to the machine to finish off, but get a stool, place it behind you, and rest your feet on it. Now, you can spot yourself. I must say that after a few more reps you grip will start to weaken and you will be using your legs a little more than your back to get you up there, but when this occurs make sure that you really squeeze your lats while your up there and come down slowly.