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Hypertrophy and Strength

Hypertrophy is good to develop greater limit strength ?

Hey Tat,
Are you Canadian because you made a statement a question (you just left out the “eh”). Just teasing since I get funny looks at work all the time being Canadian in the US.

Hypertrophy can be necessary to improve strength but only as the cross-section of a muscle group is lacking. I think Chuck P talks about this in some of his columns from the first year or two here.

Happy hunting.

I take it that you didn’t read the articles since they covered that part in details. Actually, there are 2 seperate (not exactly 100% seperately) type of hypertrophy. One involves bodybuilding type which is all show and no go, meaning you’re not as strong as you look. Another involves heavy weight lifting (powerlifters, oly lifters, athletes) They gain some mass but also getting alot stronger. Each have pros and cons. There are plently of articles on this website, you just have to put in extra effort to find them. Use the search engine on this website.