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Hypertrophy and Explosive


Hi CT, what would be your aproach for training just for aesthetics for 3 month (while bulking) and then another 2-3 month training for speed and explosive whitout loosing muscle (while cutting)? I can train 4 times per week, maybe 5 sometimos.


As I mentioned in a previous question; providing programs is outside the scope of this forum. It is a service I offer to paying clients and it would not be faire to them to give it to everybody for free.

Furthermore I can’t answer your question because I don’t know anything about you. When I design a program for a client I do a 2 to 2:30 hours assessment of the person. I have them do a personality profile questionnaire, I analyze their body type, I discuss with them (skype or in person) to find out their training and sport history, goals, limitations, etc. and I analyse pictures and videos. THENI can design the program.

If I only had one system and try to fit it to everybody it would be easy to say “just do this…” but the truth is that except when I write articles I never write programs without knowing enough about the person. It’s not how I work.


I understand, sorry. Another question, what is a good excercise for incrising the shooting or kicking power in soccer? Is a good idea to focus in unilateral excercises like 1 leg glute bridge, 1 leg romanian Dead lift, jump step ups ?


Unless you are already very strong in the basic movement patterns (squat, press, deadlift/hip hinge, lunge, pull) you should not focus on specific exercises. Focus on getting stronger overall.