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Hypertrophy and Endurance Training


can you train for size and endurance ??


Can you quit asking assinine questions?????????????????????????????????????

If you aren't a troll, and instead a severely misguided soul, tell us your goals and we might help you get swole.

Otherwise quit creating ridiculous threads.

BTW are you male or female?


im male and im just asking no need to get angry


Are you sure? Because you'd probably get nicer replies if you're female. Just sayin.


Go to the beginners section read the stickies and stop asking about training methods, pick a beginners program SS or WS4SB follow it make some progress and stick to the basics.


P.S. oh and eat your damn carrots.


Quote of the week.


Oh, and of course you can train for hypertrophy and endurance.
Will you be successful? Most likely not.

However, what kind of endurance are we talking here? Being able to run 10 miles?
Grinding out 20 rep squats?
Staying fresh throughout a brutal football/hockey/basketball/etc game?




UH OH! Newbie fight in aisle one!


Nah, not really a fight per se. I'm just perplexed by the number of ridiculous threads Laurie1 has started in his brief time here.

If you are insinuating I'm a newb because I haven't been posting here very long, you would be correct; however, I have lurked, reading both articles and forums off and on since this site's inception. If you are, on the other hand, insinuating I'm a newb because I lack training experience and/or have not accomplished anything with my training you would be wrong.

BTW, I've always digged your avatars, and love the new one--I'm assuming you created--for Prof X.


your all fanny flaps


What you fail to understand is that we would be more than willing to help if you made an earnest attempt to help yourself by both doing some research and through trial and error in the gym. If you had only taken the time to read through a good bit of the site before starting umpteen million threads, one more ludicrous than the next and already addressed ad nauseum, you would have realized the likelyhood of getting flamed.

So, again, I'll ask, what do you want from us that is both intelligent and can't be found out by using the search function? Or, are you just a pathetic troll?


Can you train for both? Yes. However the endurance training will have an interference effect on hypertrophy.

If you need both it will work to a point, but if your primary goal is hypertrophy drop the endurance training, it will inhibit the amount of hypertrophy you will achieve.