hypertrophy...a question

For someone purely interested in hypertrophy, is there such a thing as too much variation from workout to workout?

Ian King in ‘get buffed’ said something along that line, I was personally wondering about the workings of that comment.


Does a muscle grow more if subjected to new movement patterns, i.e. keep mixing up your routine to a totally different type of training (sets, rest, tempo, etc etc)? does the inefficient motor pattern mean that the muscles expend more energy for the same movement, resulting in greater growth?


Is it better to subject a muscle to a neurologically familiar movement pattern so that the muscle can recruit the most fibres, does real hypertrophy occur only after the body can use that movement pattern efficiently?

Obviously someone interested in performance wouldn’t really benefit from this style of training. Was wondering how often everybody else changes their routines?

Personally I change my workout every four workouts of each type

1st workout is an 80% effort (still get very sore even from 80%)
2nd workout is 100% quite sore DOMS
3rd workout is 100% no DOMS
4th workout, 100% and throw in some rest-pause and drop sets at end of each exercise

New routine for 5th workout.

Ive unscientifically come to the conclusion that if I can consistently get DOMS in a muscle group workout after workout, then pretty soon im going to see growth
Obviously nutrition plays a major factor to results here.

Would changing my routine after the 2nd workout to maximize neurological inefficiency and potential DOMS (I try to avoid being too sore to be ready to workout again in 5-7 days) result in better gains?

Whats the thinking on this? majoring in the minors?