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Hypertrophy 3 Way Split

Guys what is your opinion on this 3 way split over 4 days a week.
Rep ranges are between 6-15(delts, calves and abs only get more reps-up to 50).
On every exercise one set is performed to failure after pyramiding up.
Exercise written first is performed until you hit a plateau, after that point you switch exercises and so on. Goal is to up the weight or reps each workout.

My stats are 6’1, 200lbs,10%BF, 270 bench,340 squat and 450 deadlift.
Bern lifting for 20 months, I believe I am intermediate level.

Chest shoulder and triceps

HS flat or flat machine press
Db or bb incline-
Bb or db flat bench-
Skip laterals or machine laterals
Db shoulder or wide upright rows
Bent cable extension or skip tri extension
Deadstop skullcrush or normal skullcrush
Pjr pullover or db skullcrusher

Back and bis

Rack chin
HS or partial pulldowns(stretch)
Bent rows or t-bar row
Hs low row or db row
Rear delt cable flys or swings
Pinwheel or hammer curl
Db curl or bb curl
Preacher hammer curl or preacher curl on machine

Legs abs

Calf machine or leg press-DC
Hack squat calf or stnd calf-3x25
Lying or stnd Leg curl
—Adductor and abductor machine + leg press warm up
-Box or regular squat- 8-12+ widowmaker set
left leg extension or left mach pres
-superset: Ab pulldown+leg raise

Yup should work fine