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Hypertrohy-Specific Training

This article appeared in the webmag a few months ago-

The website looks pretty good, and the forum seems full of people for whom this has worked. Wondering if any of the same people post here, and if anyone has done this program and feels that its worthwhile. Thanks!

I’ve seen Restless and KingProtein post here.

Chardawg and Nate Dog have both tried it, and they didn’t like it. BUT, they both like EDT - so I think that examining the data and comparing routines could lead us to some new theories.

I saw Mufasa over on the other board for a bit, but I don’t know how it worked for him.

I’ve used HST and made good size gains, but I did lose strength. I like it for size.

Thanks, El. What do you think about the program for fat loss? More size (muscle) would logically lead to more fat burned, right?

It’s defenitely worth trying. Do at least a couple of cycles to be able to make a proper judgement of the cycle. Some details, like volume are highly individual and there’s no one size fits all solution to that.

Do a search on HST and plenty will come up. Better yet, go to the HST forum.

Nick, there’s a search button down there at the bottom of your screen. If you type in HST you’ll find a boat-load of information.

But just as a summary, HST is probably the most “polarizing” workout T-Mag’s ever published. Those who like it really like it; those who don’t will never ever try it again.

(Pretty much everyone seems to like EDT, though…)

all the programs are good, for the natural athelete i believe that HST is nice because it allows them to work up from low intensity to high intensity while not totally demoliting the muscles since there is very low volume per workout for each muscle group. My strength levels skyrocketed. At the end of the program i benched 130lb dumbells for 6 reps and deadlifted 500lbs for 3 reps with no straps. this was in the beginning of august but then i went on vacation and i went back to regular training when school started. i’m still not as strong as i was then. I believe the key to strength is constant work of the given lift and progressive load. laters pk

Interesting point by char-dawg. I like it, like it very very much, but as things are, I had to change to fit my needs. 1) I didn’t get too paralyzed by the weight increases and exact rep scheme, rather took 50% of my max 1rm lift in each, guesstimated for some, and added weight each time if not every other time. i quit sets when my speed performance dropped, that is, when my set rhythmic like reps started to get slower, I quit. 2) I dropped some exercises as time went on, as weight increased. 3) I went to an EDT type of workout after 5 rep maxes on each big lift, first with timed intervals, then progressed to increasing total reps in a fixed time. Its kicking my ass. I love the gains. I do this on M and F, with Wed beign a combo lift day only. Talk about winded. Trying to do powerclean to front squat to push press alt with chins for 20 minutes, starting on every minute. Its a puker.

I post there as BobT but not too often…I am new to HST. I am just finishing my last week of negatives and will be posting my results there next week. Based on my training and chronological ages, I thought the results that I obtained fro HST were fantastic. You can go to the Bio section on the website and learn more about many of the posters there.

I swear by it. Like NateDog said it seems to be an either/or type program. You either like it or you don’t. I love it. No matter how hard I hit a body part I always want to hit it again in a couple of days, masochist that I am. I’ve noticed that those like me enjoy HST.

Give it a couple of cycles and see. I didn’t give EDT a couple of cycles and didn’t care for it. I’ll give it a go spring of next year.


another plug for El’s calf routine :slight_smile:

Thanks gmehne, I’m currently using meltdown and I’m sticking very tightly to the protocol - so no calves right now. But, they should be a little “deconditioned” by the time I get to them again.

Nick, sorry, I just saw your question. You know, it’s funny, I’ve had the same thoughts. HST is supposed to be more metabolically demanding than normal because you’re always healing damage (that’s the theory) - so doing it should be good for fat loss, if you take in the same calories, right? The theory’s there, but something is missing, 'cause it just doesn’t seem to work that way. It seems that strenuous workouts - that don’t cause significant microtrauma - are the best way to lose fat (both Joel’s Ripped, Rugged, and Dense and Alessi’s Meltdown operate with this principal).

HST is designed to add muscle mass. You can only benefit from HST if you’re taking in enough calories - moreso than other programs. Every workout, you’ll be giving the signal to your body to grow and every day it will be looking for metabolic permission to grow (enough calories).

What’s VERY weird about HST for me is that I did it using “the Poliquin diet” protocols and it worked very well for me - I was taking in about 3600 calories a day and gained muscle - and this was after changing from Massive Eating at 4500 calories per day (where I was maintaining weight).

El, thanks for insight- I’m gonna give it a shot once I’m all rehabbed from my shoulder injury- I’ll give feedback if anyone’s interested…

HST mutha’ fucking rocks… It fits into my schedule and I make constant gains in both srength and size…

It’s a good one. Did 2 cycles of it and gained about 15lbs. The good things are that the cycling reps and intensity part keeps you interested and stops you getting burned out. I was just eating real clean (lots) and taking creatine and basic supps at the time. Would definately use again.

I agree with Char-dawg, you either like it or not at all. I didn’t like it, the size gains were okay but the loss in strength that I felt is just not acceptable to me. I don’t like having to go back to a weight that I was using a few months back and moving back up to where I was previously. There are some good articles on EDT. The new paper issue has a whole section on EDT.

If your doing HST (or any periodised traning program) correctly, you shouldnt lose strength.
I have focussed on strength gains in my HST cycles and have added 77lbs to my bench alone (the lift i focus on)
gains in size and strength happen on every cycle. But hten again, I Dont start each macrocycle at the same weights i started the previous one at, it always increases.