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Hypertrohpy Question

I’m new to the forum and would guess that this question has been asked hundreds of times so here goes one more time!

33 years old just coming back from an injury and I am 12.3kg’s lighter then before I got injured. My aim is to put on the lean mass that I have lost, so what supplements (testosterone booster, protein etc) have you men had success with??

Also, has anyone tried Arginine (3000mg twice per day)with Ornithine (2500mg twice per day) to boost growth hormone??

Thanks in advance.

Growth hormone seems to be difficult to directly regulate using dietary supplements. Sleep quality and training design/intensity (but especially the former) have a much greater influence on this, but, of course, this is all reliant on A-1 nutrition.

If you find good supplements that help you achieve the quality of sleep and training that you need in order to optimise your gains, go for these. Some people have had good results from zinc/magnesium for sleep, others use melatonin and GABA. The latter, alongside the aminos l-arginine and l-leucine, has been shown to influence HGH levels, although the case for amino acid influence on this hormone seems to have been repudiated, if I recall correctly.

At any rate, make sure your nutrition is in order and that you’re sleeping like a log before trying anything else. You can then play around with dietary variables using supplements and wait to see if you notice any difference in your gains. Good luck!

test boosters and the like are a load of crap.

Just eat well, train hard and get your rest. All you can do really.

Thank for the advice!