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Hypertonic Spinal Erectors


I have been having issues with calming down spasaming spinal erectors they appear to be hyper tonic and are always tight. The pain ranges from mild discomfort to spasms and a burning sensation that have me rolling around. I also have a number of discs in my back and a anterior pelvic tilt. I have implemented hip mobility drills soft tissue work and spinal stability exercises but to no avail. Is there something I am missing or could add to my rehab repertoire.


Stretch your Rec Fem, best advice ever


I tried it and damn were they tight, thanks


I will write more in depth about it soon, but it is the main culprit in ATP which in turn pulls your spine into lordosis and causes poor glute activation.

do this but pull the back leg as far forward as possible (i.e. put your back against a wall courtesy of www.thecaldwelleffect.com).
And really focus on contracting your glute as hard as possible, hold the stretch for 2 mins at a time.