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Being hyperthyroid severely sucks.
what sucks even more is not knowing when you will fall asleep or if it will last more then 6 hours before your body gets you up.

Simply put you have no sleep rhythm, no sense of recovery after workouts, the soreness is cruel and long being hyperthyroid. The specialist has told me my body is at a heightened catabolic state, and I have lost a good amount of muscle tone and muscle itself all over my body. I am getting softer, and it’s tough to sit there and just wait for it to be over to resume life…
So hard to find the drive to improve, and get my body back…

Any other insomniacs here?
How do ya’ll deal?

I’m with you buddy. Headin off to work now but thought i’d post quickly.

Get it under control - medication or whatever your doctor prescribes.

Get healthy - i found that my insomnia was much worse if i ate poorly and drank caffine.

Stay positive - you’ll get through it - youtr conditioning and strength will come back in time just be sensible and patient.

Although my sleep still sucks i get up if i can’t sleep and surf the internet or read a book - i look at it as more me time :slight_smile:
good luck

I too, was once had a Thyroid problem. I lost weight, my heart would beat out of my chest, I was intollerant to heat, etc…

I went to a Endocrynologist and he set me back on the right track. I then gained 40 lbs over the next few months. Thyroid is a pain in the ass, so don’t mess around with it and go to a specialist for help. Good Luck!!

There’s a guy(John Johnson) who has a website dedicated towards nutritional management of thyroid disorders.

He “cured” himself after much research and trial and error. Everything is very well referenced.

For hyperthyroidism he says it is primarily due to a deficiency in copper.

There’s usually a deficiency in Calcium. Magnesium is supposed to help with “thyroid storms”. Zinc, Manganese, high-dose vitamin C, and B-vitamins without copper will make hyperthyroidism much worse.

Check it out.