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Hyperthyroid and Testosterone Cycle

Hi folks,decided to join here as i understand the knowledge is great here. Can give some extensive info later of bloodwork i have here in front of me,but want to know one thing first:

Is it safe for me to go on testosterone enanthate cycle for 12-16 weeks when im hyperthyroid? My symptoms are irregular heartbeat now and then,nervousness,nightsweats,high bodytemp and narrow/tight feeling in the throat,not the best energy level and im producing alot of antibodies aswell,its because of the exessive free t4 right?
Have read some info on it that some people ran it without problems and infact the thyroid stabilised while on and after,is this right?

Im 35y old,have been lifting weights from 16y to 24 regulary those years,was in pretty good shape. Started lifting again in december 2015 and have gained alot of strength again,but want to run some test e for extra ompfh and growth,have bought 40ml of it and 100 anastrozole plus nolva and clomid for pct,have some bold i will save for later also…
My bodyfat is about 18%,i will up the cardio intensity when getting more enegy and will continue with that when starting test to loose more fat.

read that excessive free t4 is increasing testosterone,but i find it hard to build and keep mass,and burn fat but maybe its because my energy is not the best so my cardio and weight lifting is suffering from that,i dunno. What i read yesterday is that antibodies produced is mimicing shbg and binds to the free t-levles and thus makes free test less avaliable,but again i dont know thats why i signed up here. Read some posts from ksman i think his user name is and hope to hear from him on this issue. I really want to start my test e but need more input first.

On a scale from 8-60 my shbg is at 40,regarding p-tpo antibodies is max 6 but my body produces 428 of it,its damn much. B-hemoglobin on a scale from 13,4-17 is at 15,7,total test on a scale from 6-35 is at 18,9,free test from a scale2,3-9,9 is at 4,7,estrogen on a scale that says max 0,20 and my level is at 0,09,FSH and LH is 1.7.
p-protein on a scale from 62-78 is at 77,p-alat on a scale from 10-70 is at 29,p-alp on a scale from 35-105 is at 59.

Seems as my immunesystem is becoming stronger,have added 5000iu of vitamine D3 and some mushroom supplement immune support,as well as eating alot of cale,spinach,broccoli,brussel sprouts and ruccola in to my new diet everyday,this in addition to caloric deficit,medium intake of carbs and high protein,leaning out and adding mass,slower but sturdy lean gains. The sum of this is doing me great and the thyroid seems more relaxed,are not noticing the symptoms in a significant way like earlyer,this happend fast with the added supplements a change in diet. But will anyway talk to specialists on this issue before going on test e,have to get a surgery done on my pointy toes also then im ready.

Hey bud, I’m not a expert, but I would add k2 to your vitamin d intake, as well as zinc and a iodine/selenium combo. What was your tsh, did you have free t3 tested

Hi norse,i have another d3 supplement with k2 and a multivitamine complex that contains zinc,iodine and selenium and more.
P-TSH (0,5-3,6) is at 1,84,this was 7.12-16. Have a visit with Ken Purvis in late august,i guess he will do a full and complete blood-draw.

P-t3 free (3,1-6,2) was at 5,3 when blood tested 7.12-16.
Have read some post here and there of people with an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroid) that went on a test cycle and the thyroid was function normally during and after the cycle,antibodies-production went down also. I seem to fit in the frame of graves desease. sorry poor grammer…

How is your sleep, energy levels. Caffeine intake can produce some adrenal fatigue that will mimic hypothyroidism. Because of a increase in the secretion but the thyroid doesn’t do so because of a feedback loop.

I only have one cup of coffe after breakfast,thats it for stimulants. Sleep is poor in periods. Will start cbd-oil soon so i guess it will be much better after that. Energy is not great,but that is beacause of hayfever and depression,i have low free test levels beacause of the production of antibodies,it mimics shbg and bind to free test,thus making less avaliable,so that way i have the negative symptoms of low t.

…I see you wright hypothyrodism,im hyper not hypo.