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Hyperthyroid and Strength


The doctor just told me that I have a hyper thyroid. He is usless in the facts of lifting and strength. This is the best site that I know. The members are the most knowlegable people I feel on the web.

Is there a particular why that I shoud eat to regain the muscle that I have lost these last few months? Or should I change my workout?

I have lost forty + ponds in the last two months and my lifts have gone down tremendously.

Please Help


Did he put you on any meds yet? If so which ones?


Assuming he has put you on some meds battling the hyperthyroid, as for eating, just eat, eat, eat. Pleanty of carbs and good fats along with the protein 5-7 times daily.


The doctor put me on tapazole.
How does this effect my protein uptake?


i really feel for you dude - same SH*T got me last September - i lost 45lbs in 6 weeks. All extension movements were terrible, basically 60 - 70% weaker in a matter of weeks. I put it all down to stress (we had our first child in September 04) and did'nt go to a doctor until late December. Resting heart rate of 107bpm up from 57bpm lol, constant sweating and barely able to walk up and down stairs.

Started meds and stabilised in March/April time - strength levels are recently now above my previous best - gotta love deadlifts lol. Keep an eye on and concentrate on getting better - rest up a while and get slowly back into the game.
Hope it all works out for you soon


Thanks Ryu for your story. At least now I know that it is possible to get back to my old glory (LOL). I was pretty scared for a while.