Hypertension with Anastrozole?

Has anyone else experienced hypertension when using anastrozole? I know high estradiol is likely to cause a high blood pressure, but is it likely that a low estradiol will also cause high blood pressure?

Doubt you’ll find anything on men and anastrozole, as it is not recommended for men.

In women, hypertension is considered a common side effect, up to 13%

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So is hair loss reported in 73% of women taking anastrozole. I was on 0.050 anastrozole and every time I took it, my health was degraded quickly and gained lots of belly fat.

Ever since stopping anastrozole, my E2 has gone up, and my BP has gone down.

Looking back I had high BP while my e2 was low.

Yes, too much ai makes My heart beat strong and increase blood pressure.

Optimal e2 is indeed very important for heart.

Another thing I’ve been struggling with for quite some time is muscle cramps. I have always lifted regularly but cramp almost every workout and I can’t place what I changed when I started noticing it. Would you guys think it is a result of the anastrozole or could frequent blood donations be a likely cause?

Both. But anaztrozole can for sure fuck things up.

Im all for AI use if needed, but when overdone, it has some weird ass effects ive noticed.

Low iron can cause muscle cramps, I get them everywhere, especially the GI if I don’t take 140mg iron every day.

I have a history of chronically low iron and suspected low iron for more than a decade. The symptoms I had years ago only went away after starting on iron supplements.

The most notable symptom was leg pain.

I’ve been on testosterone since 2011 and never have found the correct protocol for me. Currently I am taking…
125 mg test cyp 1x weekly
250 iu hcg eod
Baby aspirin
Fish oil
Anastrozole as needed and can make me feel like a million bucks but it’s always short lived.
I have been forced to donate blood frequently.

I recently had to start taking lisinopril because blood pressure has been as bad as ~170/100 but is often as low as 110/60, depending on the day of the week.
My RBC and hematocrit have stayed well above the reference range for quite some time despite checking labs only 3 days after the last blood donation.
I’m dealing with constant muscle cramps all over my body. Intermittent brain fog and low motivation. My resting heart rate seems to be different every day. Some days it’s as low as 46, other days I can’t get it to come below 75.

Ill add that my shbg is in the single digits.

I have tried multiple injections per week which is where an extreme form of brain fog started which wasn’t relieved until I returned to once weekly injections.
I have tried everything from 300 mg test a week to 30 mg test 3xweekly. I even tried gels and creams with no luck.
Can anyone make a suggestion as to where I can go from here? The cramps and brain fog are the most bothersome right now as I have a job where my mind and body have to be sharp.

I would provide labs however the dr just put me on this protocol. I was taking 200 mg testosterone 1x/wk when my last labs were taken. The same issues have been there for months however I’ve struggled enough to reach out at this point.

I’ve noticed that when my e2 is higher and I seem to be prone to it, the bp is up. An endo I once saw told me that higher e2 can cause anxiety in men and that anxiety can cause higher bp. Made sense to me.

I take a quarter of a 1mg anastrozole when I get sensitive nipples or feel anxious while on testosterone and by the next day I feel calmer and my Bp tends to drop.

Backwards for me due to bloating and water retention from excess E2.

Believe it or not, estrogen is needed for so many things, so it’s no surprise that blocking E2 is causing blood pressure issues. Each part of the body (bones, reproductive system, heart, blood vessels, skin, hair, brain) requires specific amounts of estrogen.