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Hyperplasia Possible?

Hey guys, does anyone on here know if Hyperlasia is possible?

I’ve read in Ironman that studies show that hyperplasia is possible by exerting maximum force in a muscles stretched position.

Other articles, I don’t remember what magazine, claimed that heavy singles created hyperplasia.

Tudor Bompa is working on a book to be released in 2-3 years in which, so he claims, he has one of the few (if not only) programs that causes hyperplasia.

I know nothing more.

My understanding so far is that the hypetrophy response to training that causes long term (myofibrilar) hypertrophy (not just sarcoplasmic hypertrophy) is to create satellite cells which usually just fuse with a fiber, giving it more nucleii and resources, but in some cases they do not fuse. I don’t remember what I heard was the proposed trigger to cause them to NOT fuse and basically grow into little “band aids” on the muscle instead. I’ll try to find out.

Muscles grow via hypertrophy (the cell size increases). Organs (liver, spleen, etc) grows via hyperplasia (increase in cell number, not size). At least that’s what they tell us in Med School


… in cats, at least. [Siff mentions this in Supertraining. Poor kitties - mean Soviets!]


A quick google search has convinced me that hyperplasia training is a total waste of time.