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The curse of hyperlordosis. I have this condition, such a condition has comprised me on several key exercises. I can’t squat, deadlift with the correct muscles firing. My form will be good but I can’t feel the correct muscles firing.

I’ve tried correcting my condition my stretching out my lower back, quads and hipflexors with stretches and foam rolling.

I’ve tried strengthening my hamstrings with, good mornings, stiff dead lift and also romanian dead lifts. Again the muscles won’t fire even with the correct form, my mind to muscle connection is there for every exercise which does not involve my hip/activation of my glutes and hamstrings.

Now I’ve started doing lunges on the smith machine. Now I like this exercise, the strain is all on my hamstrings and a bit of glutes. I’ve also tried glute bridges, but that exercise is just too awkward to do in a packed gym, even getting the weight up is a problem.

Now If I just use smith lunges and curls. Will this be efficient for development of my hamstrings.