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Hyperkyphosis/Hyperlordosis, Which Muscles to Train?

Hi, I’m 30 and I suffer from Hyperkyphosis and Hyperlordosis, due to a spinal growth defect. I’ve always been in a lot of pain, but the doctors I had seen in the past always said that nothing could be done. I recently started seeing a specialist, though, who has been great. He prescribed a corset (yes, it does work for adults) and rehab. After a few months, the corset has already improved my condition. But the rehab exercises aren’t ideal, since they’re not tailored to my condition. So now I hit the gym to help correct my posture.

Basically, I need to strengthen weak and lengthened muscles and stretch the tight and shortened ones, right?
The specialist said I should especially strengthen my upper back and abdominals and that the chest and lower back muscles are tight and shortened.

I want to do a more precise workout, though and have done some research. I’ve mostly read physical therapy books and gathered information from medical and doctors’ websites. This is what I’ve found:

Shortened / tight muscles

  • Upper trapezius, sternocleidomastoid
  • Anterior deltoids
  • Pectorialis major and minor
  • Lower back, trunk extensors (erectors spinae, quadratus lumborum)
  • Hip flexors (iliopsoas, psoas major, rectus femoris)

Stretched / weak muscles

  • Deep neck flexors
  • Posterior deltoids
  • Middle and lower traps, rhomboids
  • Abdominals, obliques, serratus anterior
  • Glutes

What I’m not clear on is what’s up with these:

  • Lateral deltoids

  • Latissimus dorsi: Some sources say they’re tight, some say they’re weak.

  • Hip adductors: Mostly, they’re not mentioned at all, but somewhere it said they’re shortened because of the interior rotation of the femur.

  • Hip abductors: I haven’t found any mention of the at all.

  • Hamstrings: Some sources say they’re tight. Others say that they’re weak, same as the glutes, but can appear to be tight. In rehab and physical therapy, I was always supposed to stretch my hamstrings. If they’re already weak and lengthened, doesn’t that make them worse? And when I stretch them they do appear to be rather tight and shortened.

  • Quads: Many sources don’t mention them at all, some say they’re tight like the hamstrings. I know the hip flexor rectus femoris is part of them, but what about the other muscles?

  • Calves: Some say they’re tight like the hamstrings. Some say they’re weak like the hamstrings.

  • Tibialis: Somewhere it said they’re tight, like the quads.

  • Biceps and triceps: They don’t have anything to do with all this, do they?

I’m fairly new to this, so I’d appreciate your input. Thanks in advance!