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HyperHidrosis (Sweating like a Bitch)

Hey all

This is embarrassing but needed to ask does anyone suffer with HyperHidrosis? I have suffered
With it for 7 years now but only just got treatment via my doctor
I am currently taking pro-bathine which stops sweating

Previously I would sweat so easily it became annoying I workout 6 days per week
Doing both weights and CV. I eat well, keep it
Healthy but high protein I do drink some wine
From time to time but I could never figure out why
I would sweat like a bitch for nothing

As you can imagine this effects everything from work
To social life, anyway this drug has stopped my sweating
Now but wondered if this is something anyone else
Has experienced?

Hope you are all well

Armpits- Drysol … It burns a little, but will keep you from sweating under the arms for about 2-3 weeks after each application.

I never got diagnosed but I did have the problem in the past. My sister has had it for years and she was given a special deodorant. Other than that the doctor said “just deal with it”. As for me, I found that excessive caffeine was the culprit (two softdrinks back to back would initiate episodes).