Hyperextentions - Good Warm-up for Squats?

Am planning to first do bike 5 min. then hyperextention 3 sets of 8 as a good warmup before hitting legs to prevent injury.

Also i will be switching barbell squat with hack squat. i know regular squat is better, but now i believe if you want to focus on quads then hack squat is the deal, while regular squats almost hit every muscle, if you are doing bro split, it can be exhausting for your CNS along with bench and dead-lifts.

I do

1x20 hyperextension
1x20 ab wheel roll out
1x25 hip thrusts

All with bodyweight once I’m done stretching before lifting.

For me it “wakes up” my entire mid section and glutes. I’ve noticed days I don’t do it my squats feel off for a few sets.



Yeah, I decided to just totally sit this one out earlier today.

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