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Hyperextensions and Back Pump


anytime i do hyperex. i get a really strong low back pump that really makes it hard to do anything else. now i can goodmorning 245 lbs. so i know my low back isn't weak. but if i add just a little weight to the hyperex. my low back blows up. anyone know why?


Because you're actually getting blood flow to the area when doing extensions. Blood flow to the low back is actually constricted during prolonged isometric contraction, whereas dynamic low back work will promote blood flow.

Same way you don't get a bicep pump when doing deadlifts.



245 is pretty light for a goodmorning.


you missed my point i wasn't trying to brag i figured the first reply someone had would be my low back was weak.i don't have to use any weight on hypers and 1 set of 10 its so tight its so tight its hard to workout.well thanks for your $.02 cause thats whats that reply was worth.


Maybe you weren't trying to brag but you were trying to make the point that your low back is not weak and a 245 lb. GM is not strong evidence of that.