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Hyperdynamic Left Ventricular Systolic Function

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…anyway my heart hurts intermittently every day like I’m having a heart attack. Went to a cardiologist, had bookoo tests, etc. done. At the end of the day the cardiologist told me I have the above issue and also have ejection fraction of 82% when it should be around 65%. The moron cardiologist on the last visit basically read the results of the stress test, said the left ventricular muscle is becoming enlarged and/or stiff and then said I should stop weightlifting and get a hobby and then said have a nice day, good luck, let me know if it gets any worse, like having heart attack symptoms every day isn’t already worse. I don’t do much cardio and I don’t lift that much, e.g. one exercise a day, e.g. bench press or military press, etc. I can’t be the only one on the planet who has experienced this. Any advice?

If possible, get a 2nd opinion (from a licensed cardiologist). Like actually, I’m not being sarcastic.

Lifting hard may not be in your future but this sounds like something you’re going to want to be extra careful with, so hearing from more than one doc might help.

EDIT: Just in case, @SkyzykS…any of this relate to what you went through? I don’t think so but…

Eh, I don’t know. I had/have some left ventricular hypertrophy, mitral valve regurgitation, blockage in the circumflex (100%), right coronary (98%) and posterior descending (99%), and some damage from the area fed by the circumflex, all culminating in a major stemi.

But at this point my left ventricular ejection fraction is in the good range, blood pressure ranges from low/good to too low.

I would be loath to even speculate on another person’s different cardiac condition. The consequences of bad advice or a false sens of safety can be deadly.

I kinda feel for the guy though, and would recommend he find a capable cardiologist that he can trust to advise him of his best options for treatment.

Through all of that, I just had my 9 month check up and me and the doc were both over the moon with my progress/results thus far.

I hope this guy can find the same.

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I did more research and apparently this is commonly referred to as Athletes heart. Would have been nice of the idiot cardiologist to tell me this instead of telling me I have “Hyperdynamic Left Ventricular Wall and Systolic Function”, Jesus Christ. She was a new doctor but was available, I knew I should have waited and saw one of the more seasoned doctors in the practice. Experience really is critical.

So apparently with runners, the overall left ventricle itself gets bigger but with weightlifters the left ventricle wall or septum gets bigger. They say usually its benign, unless the wall obstructs the pulmonary artery which sends used blood to the lungs. When it obstructs the pulmonary artery it causes pain like you’re having a heart attack. Its not due to any cardiac disease. So apparently you can have an enlarged wall but as long as it doesn’t obstruct anything you’re fine.

They say if you stop lifting it will go back to normal in a few months. I’m going to try and find a sports cardiologist that has experience with this instead of a cardiologist trying to get me out of their office because they don’t understand the condition. Their might be some medication I can take (maybe propanolanol) while I exercise that might offset the left ventricular wall from enlarging.

I would have thought this was a really common issue though.

Do this. Consider looking for an exercise physiologist as they are probably more common and probably cheaper

Since you can’t see cardiologists during the lock-down I went online and found what looks to be a reputable online cardiology website which does second opinions, etc. I got a cardiologist from India who has excellent credentials and was very professional and knowledgeable. I uploaded all of my tests and he reviewed them. Long story short he said unless you have really advanced cardiovascular disease, which I don’t, generally speaking if you only have pain at rest and no pain on exertion it simply ain’t cardiovascular. He said he believes based on the test data he reviewed its all musculoskeletal, and specifically something called “Chest Wall Pain” which is typically inflammation of the joints where the ribs connect to the spinal column. It can also mimic a heart attack and usually occurs more often on the left side which reinforces the thought that it may be a heart attack. He said follow up with an orthopedist and/or a sports cardiologist but DO NOT go back to the previous doctor who told me I had a cardiac issue. Specialized anti-inflammatories could be prescribed. Also Advil, etc. Also one could stop lifting for a short period to allow the joints to heal and then resume activities, etc. Thanks for everyone who commented.

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I saw one last week. In his office, for my regular check up.

Note sure where you are but most specialty practices in Philly are not scheduling office visits until June, especially if their offices physically support a hospital. Some other physicians may operate differently, especially if they’re not busy and/or not supporting a hospital. Putting the lock down aside most reputable cardiologists (Penn, Jefferson, large private practices) in Philly are about 3 months out so with the lock down you’re out even further. I don’t want to see a cardiologist just because they happen to be available, that’s the mistake I made last time.

Oh. I’m on the other side, in Pittsburgh. Your region is getting ravaged!

But, yeah, reputable, yadda yadda, all the boxes checked.

Good luck.

Damn I had no idea you had trivessel disease! Did you get stents or a CABG?

I have stents. One in the circumflex, one in the right coronary, and one further down that branch.

And honestly I didn’t realize it either. I knew my recovery capability sucked and a regular lifting session would plunge me into 3-4 days of exhaustion, but I was out tossing around logs cutting down a tree in my buddies yard 2 days prior.

Then BAM. Circumflex 100% stopped, coronary was like 98 and the other 99% blocked, kablewie!

Great cardiologist in the cardiac cath lab about 10 minutes from my house was able to clear the clot and stent that spot, a week in the hospital getting stable, then followed up a week after that with the other stents.

I’m still amazed.