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Has anyone heard of this product and if so what's your thoughts


I've heard and I'm watching, it's way too soon to say a thing. I will say that I'm optomistic about a few different companies future efforts to fill the gap that having all ph's pulled of the market will eventually leave.


Herbal anabolics...HA HA.


Hey Mr. Sarcasm, have you actually tried any of these items during pct. NO they won't replace a solid test based class1 and class2 cycle, nor will these items likely EVER rival a cycle with test/slin/growth. However, they do work well and the safety issue is much less a factor.


WoooHoo! C'mon big guy, how can you take that as sarcasm?


Yeah...if Ol' Rocky was being sarcastic, he would have said something such as, "Wow! Herbal anabolics! And they're from the same company that brought you the wonderful product that was Superdrol! I'm gonna buy fifty bottles!"

He didn't, instead choosing to just outright laugh at this nonsense.


The products suck.


Guess you boys aren't as optomistic as myself. I'm not really trying to keep going back and forth on this one. It will be nice to see some products come out that work nicely with minimal sides and I think we'll be seeing more of them soon. Perhaps not this product though. I can't name names on this board or I'd say wich ones I'm optomistic about.


I haven't heard of hyperdrol, even though I will read about it after this, but come on guys, wideguy makes a valid point. Tribulous products and other such herbal supplements can work to a degree, but come the fuck on, when you use aas you are putting test analogs directly into your body, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO EVEN COMPARE THEM?


Didn't you take Superdrol?


I'm definately curious too.

It just seems a bit over the top so far. It's about the same hype and expectation that is crafted here by saying this new trib stuff can rival PH.


It's always good to have some level of doubt. I'm teting out 2 of these types of products in the near future, and I'll make mention if it's worth mentioning. ALthough I'm pretty optomistic and think both companies have their heads in the right place.