I thought this would be the best place to post. I’m just about to finish my tren cycle and I’m worried about cortisol rebound. I was hypercortisol before I started from chronic pain(long story) and the tren down-regulated it. That’s one of the many things I love about tren. But all good things must come to an end and now in addition to PCT/crash I’m going to have to deal with cortisol rebound/hypercortisolism.

Does anyone know an effective way to down regulate cortisol and prevent the rebound? Thanks.

Read this?

What are your hyper symptoms?
Labs for cortisol, free cortisol and ATCH?
What Rx meds are involved?

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Read this?


Yes I know about Cushings Syndrome. Fortunately I’m not at that stage yet.

Kind of hard to explain. I suffer a lot of pain and inflamation. Feel weak and tired and have a lot of trouble maintaining lean mass off cycle.

ATCH is the one thing I haven’t had tested. Random cortisol is always high. 11PM saliva cortisol test was a little above top ref range. Basically I can tell when cortisol is high. It’s high when I’m in pain(hardly any cartilage in knees, arthritic cracks and pops in shoulders). When I train legs and shoulders I get serious pain and my cortisol rises. When I’m not training legs and shoulders it subsides.

None. Should I be taking anything for it? My endo is an idiot and I’ve given up on seeing her. Only RX meds I take are cycle ancillaries(cabergoline, montelukast, aromasin, nolva, clomid).

I read someone else was using “anabeta elite” to control cortisol. I’ve never heard of it and need to research it. Basically I want to maintain the lean mass I’ve gained on cycle so I need to keep training legs and shoulders but I’m expecting the usual pain and subsequent cortisol rise to return once I’m off tren / nandrolone. I’ll pull bloods asap and check free cortisol and ACTH as well as cortisol. Cortisol was much lower when I checked a few weeks ago on cycle but I’ll check again once tren / nandrolone is clear from my system.

When do you think this started and could timing suggest something re introduction of ancillaries?

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When do you think this started and could timing suggest something re introduction of ancillaries?[/quote]

I’ve had it for some time. Six months ago I did a random cortisol serum in the AM after training legs and it was more than double the top ref range. I showed my endo and she said that’s to be expected after heavy training. I’ve done random cortisol at other times and it’s within the ref range but always at the top end. My endo says I’m not hypercortisol but when it’s always at the highest end of the scale or way above after training that suggests to me I’ve got a problem.

Tren dramatically down regulates cortisol and I feel so much better on tren. It’s not just AAS. I feel like shit without tren - ie, I can blast a gram of test and a gram of EQ and I still feel crap because my cortisol is high. But when I’m on tren it’s much lower and I feel much better and can get a lot more done.