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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hi Christian,
Have you ever heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapy? The gist of it is you are in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the oxygen level is raised to 100% (air at sea level is 21%), which means the oxygen concentration in one’s blood will now be 5 x what it is a t sea level.
The pressure is raised to above sea level (that is determined by my doctor). As the pressure increases so does the concentration of oxygen in one’s blood proportionally… To keep it simple - if the pressure is twice that of sea level, the oxygen concentration in one’s blood will be double that at sea level, if the per cent oxygen that one is breathing is 100% then the level of oxygen concentration in the blood is now 10 times.

I’m seeing a hyperbaric doctor because of some cognition issues which this is very helpful for, however the effect on my training has been astounding. For example - the day before my first “dive” I did a “3 wave” bp workout. my rep achievements were 8/6/4-8/6/4-6/5/3 and the last wave were grinders. After 3 hyperbaric treatments my last wave went to 8/6/4 and they were not grinders.
Legs and back have been similar findings. I work shoulders today but I expect them to have similar results.
It could be that this helped me recover more completely but it could be something else.
I know you are on the cutting edge of things and thought you might find this interesting.

I do find it interesting. It’s not something I’ve heard of so I’ll definetly be looking for some info about it

If you go to HBOT.com you can read and learn about this. I’m seeing this doctor because I’ve had some cognitive decline from a surgery I had 2 years ago during which my bp crashed several times.
We talked yesterday and came to the conclusion that the hyperbaric therapy was enhancing my brain activity, which enhances neural activity, and thusly I’m able to recruit and activate more fast twitch fibers and thusly greater strength.
The surgery I had two years ago was a jaw surgery and recently it has been believed that the nerve to my left masseter muscle 9used for chewing) was clipped. Two prosthodontists told me it was barely palpable and they felt it was no longer innervated. Yesterday after my 8th treatment ( I will get a total of 40) I discovered I could contract well and forcefully too.
Norrnally, this is used only for divers recovering from the bends and for the enhancement of healing for diabetic wounds. But it is being discovered that this therapy has a great many other uses.
Feel free to pose any questions.