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Hyper or Hypoglycemic?

well i started taking humalog insulin little while ago didnt get much results at all little fat loss sub q inject and today i injected it i.m in my bicept 20 minutes later it was like i was on caffine sugar everything my hands couldnt stop shaking icould hardly walk but umm 15ui of insulin shouldve made me go hypo not hyper hmmmmmmm?

Insulin is responsible for shuttling your blood sugars into the muscles to be used for energy.

maybe you shouldn’t be playing with that stuff just yet…

Yeah dude you are NOT ready for slin

It’s called hypoglycemic BTW, not enough glycogen.

do you even know what hypo IS? why it makes you feel like that?

fucking idiot. you will kill yourself.

What the fuck???

Is this really you?


If it is you have no business using insulin. It will not help you.

Even if it isn’t, you have no business using insulin. You have no idea of what it does. Fuck, the best endocrinologist in the world probably doesn’t fully know what insulin does.

If you are ready to use insulin you should be able to go to your local college and pick up a 3000 level physiology textbook and fully understand what the fuck it is saying.

Otherwise you will die. I’m not fucking kidding.

I take that all back.

You don’t know what just happened to you.

You will die.

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lmao!! A-ahahaaaa

There are not too many people that come across this forum too often that should have their IP banned from this site.

However this guy is definately one of them.

I wonder if all of us vote to tribunal his ass out of here the mods will listen.

The last thing we need is people with no konwledge of products and very little training experience thinking it appropriate of them to use insulin.

I really hope you are a troll kid, cuz if you are for real, you are going to kill yourself, almost gaureentee. 15 fuckins iu’s of insulin and you don’t even know what your doing!?!?!?!?!

Seriously man, your life is in danger…of course you won’t listen though because you are 16 and you know everything by now.

Honestly bro, if you’ll quit the gear and the insulin I’ll help you out with a diet plan and training guide, cuz seriously if you are for real about all of this your gonna die in the near future.

PM me if your interested, I’d rather not see you kill yourself.

probably too late… sniff.

another one bites the dust.

def troll

IM insulin will get you h000000ge

I hate a shit load when i felt all dissy and shit probly 2000 calories in an hour

oh and 1 more thing do u think since i never felt this shit when i did it in my ass and stomache that its stored there?

stop now you’re boring

Glad I prefaced all my concern with ‘if your for real’.

Yes, now its boring.