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Hyper-Extended Wrist(s)


About 8 days ago I was playing in a pick up football game. Blocked a kid and his hands slid up mine and hyper-extended (fancy word for strain, i think) both of my wrists.

The immediate pain wasnt too bad so i ended up wrapping my left wrist up in a couple ace bandages into a "club". the right wrist i only used one.

Later that night I developed pretty severe pain in my left wrist and went to the ER. They did X-Rays and said nothing was broken but it was hyper-extended. The right wrist wasnt nearly as bad and is now pretty much fine aside from slight soreness in the joint.

As far as the left wrist goes I woke up the next morning with bruising (on the underside) running from the base of my thumb to a third the way down my forearm. About 90% of the bruising has dissipated but there is still soreness in the joint and tenderness in my forearm.

I did all the rest/ice/compress/elevate the first 48 hours after it happened but im getting impatient not being able to do so many of my main lifts. I'm pretty much limited to front squats,the leg press leg exts, leg curls, calves, cycling and ab work.

If anyone has ANY INFO AT ALL, regarding healing, ways of working around the injury etc it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.