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Hyper-Extended Thumb

Some friends and I just finished playing football. My buddy wasn’t thinking and grabbed a basketball and threw it at me like a hail mary. I was only 5 or 6 feet from him and had my back turned to him. I happened to turn around and put my hand up to block the ball once I saw he was about to throw it.

It hit my right hand’s thumb and hyper-extended it. The joint between the 1st Proximal Phalanx and the 1st Metacarpal became really swollen. I had X-rays done and no fractures. It’s has been about 3.5 weeks now. The swelling went down, but it still hurts. I’ve been soaking it in HOT water lately. Is there anything else I can do to help? I haven’t worked out in almost a month now either, but I have been doing some cardio to do something.

Any advice would help.

I have Epsom Salt now, which should help some. I’m just worried because it’s been so long already. Is that normal?

i suffered something similar elbowing myself on a backwards fall during a C&J.

just for some scary shit:

it happened in late december.

and it still hurts

some days its really bad, other days its fine. i cannot use barbells on any pressing exercise, and i cannot do any overhead pressing. if you have damaged a ligament it can take a LONG time to heal.

my advice is go to a chiropracter and tell them what happened, they can see if theres a hairline fracture by using a tuning fork, or if its a damaged ligament.

then they will do stuff like ultrasounds, ART, or run some olive oil on the thumb extensor/flexor and smash it to shit with a hard massage, hurts like hell but it works.

you can train through it, just dont do the exercises that directly hurt it. wrap it in tape.

my wrist is healing but at a slow pace, and it takes alot of patience for someone who lifts weights.