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I know this is supposed to take care of hamstrings, but I dont feel it at all in my hamstrings, i just feel it workin my erector spinae. Do you guys feel it in your hamstrings? Also, I add resistance by holding on to a plate, is that a good way to add weight?

Are you referring to a reverse Hyper extension, or just a normal Back Hyper extension bench? If it is just a normal hyper extension bench then it is not supposed to work your hamstrings at all.

Move along, nothing amiss.


All forms of hyperextensions, particularly 45? hypers, are tough on my hamstrings. I usually position the pad so my upper thighgs are on it (no higher) and really dig the back of my legs/heels into the supports. Subtle variations in placement and form will place stress on different muscles.

Yes holding plates is a great way to add resistance.

Hyper extensions are going to primarily hit your lower back. As far as hitting the hamstring, I can’t remember a time when doing this exercise that I felt it in my hammies. For me the point of the exercise is to work my lower back. As for hammies…GO GHR’s!!!

Is the movement occuring in your spine or from your hips? If you are flexing forward from the hips and the spine stays in a neutral position, the movement will be primarily hip extension. If you are flexing forward at the spine with very little movement from the hips, the movement will be primarily spinal extension.

hmm I looked into it. I was doing a hyperextension not reverse hyper. I guess I’ll try GHR and reverse hyper next time.

I usually find that the heavier the load the more my glutes and to some extent my hamstrings are activated. Heavy being in the 6-8 rep range, otherwise its almost all spinal erectors