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Hypem's log: 5/3/1


Me lower
100 pull apart
Warm up then
5x95, 110
6x125, 135 (belt on, low bar)

This felt good, probably had 2-3 more reps in me but that was the aim or the day


Front squat

Hanging knee raises SS with front squats

20 min on the treadmill

Weight 87, 85kg


Rep upper
100 pull aparts
4x3 explosive push ups

Wide grip bench index on rings tempo 303

8x50, 60, 55, 50, 50kg

Spoto press normal grip

Db flies

Pull ups

Push ups
50 total
Seated row
Cluster set with 17.5kg on each side
6 reps then 15s rest, for 5 min
Total 10 sets

Giant set 3 times through
Db rolling triceps extensions 20x8kg
Db hammer curls 12x8kg
Db lateral raises 12x6kg

7:30 on the rowing machine


I would fall off, at around 3-4 minutes, laying around trying to catch my breath … well done mate.


Ahaha are you making fun of my pathtic effort ?

It’s usually limited by the next train time… It’s aerobic and just to cool down, I don’t kill myself doing that… I’m too tired to try hard at this point anyways!


no not at all, I think the rower is a tough one.


Alright yeah usually I take it easy and put it on a low resistance. If I put it on a hard resistance that would definitely crush me!


Rep lower

100 pull aparts




5xbar, 50, 65, 80
20, 15, 10, 5 x100kg, 1-2 min rest between each set

The first set was easier than I thought and I could have done 25. Bu I’m very glad I saved it as the last two were challeging.

Good morning

Front squats

Rear elevated split squats
2x12x10kg in each hand

Hanging knee raises

End of this second cycle of hypertrphy. One more cycle to go, this session will consist of pretty high reps on the squat, probably set of 20s


Me Upper
100 pull aparts, 4x3 explsoive push ups

I wanted to go heavier so I saved energy on the way up
Warm up then
3x60, 70, 80
6x90@10, PR!

Wide grip bench pointer finger on rings

Pull ups
65 total, sets of 5


Pendlay Rows

DB flies

BB curls

DB rolling triceps extensions

Weight 88,15kg


Me Lower

100 pull aparts

Warm up then
5x110, 130, belt on after this
4x170, resetted my grip and 1x170
I should have taken my chalk… I felt good but this was enough


Front squats

Hanging knee raises

20 min on the treadmill


God damn man, that was brutal.


Pretty fun as well, it’s a good change of pace. The DOMS are not as bad as with tempo work though. My hamstring were actually more sore than my quads after the tzo sets of RDL and good mornings!!


Rep upper
100 pull aparts
3x3 explosive push ups

Wide grip Bench middle finger on rings tempo 303


Cgbp tempo 303

Cgbp normal tempo
40kgx 20, 10, 5 (rest pause)

Weighted pull ups 5g
6x6, 2x4

Seated rows 30kg
5 min, 7 reps and 15s rest, 9 sets total

Giant sets with 8kg DBs, 3 times
10 flies tempo 403
20 Db rolling triceps extensions
12 Lateral raises
12 hammer curls

16 min on the rowing machine


Rep lower
100 pull aparts

Squat tempo 303
6x8x90kg, 90s rest

Front squat Tempo 302

I wanted to try sumo deadlifting, did a few triples from 50 to 90kg. It feels very awkward and I felt my lower back working very hard. I tried various stances but still felt weird.


Hanging knee raises

Weight 88.35kg


This seems relevant. I got it off Greg


I can imagine this happening indeed ! Still glad I tried it. But then as soon as I did conventional again it felt much better

Thanks for the post

edit: @MarkKO I have seen you pulling sumo before, does that mean you won’t even train it again ?


Depends what Greg tells me. We very occasionally do opposite stance as a supplemental.

TBH I think I’m stronger sumo, but it destroys my knees. If I was competing equipped I would absolutely pull sumo because it takes out the knee strain and the first third of the pull is just about effortless.

Raw, no way. Even though I think I’m stronger sumo there’s so little room for error in isn’t worth it. I can kick a max forward and still get the lift with conventional. No chance with sumo.


Hmm interesting, I was thinking if using it as supplemental but I’m not even sure I could get a good output on these (weight wise)

I just thought I could get into a better position. With my belt on I feel my lower back is a tiny bit rounded over at the start of the pull in conventional. Although that could just be the feeling I get from the belt. With sumo my lower back looked more neutral but felt very unnatural.

I think I need to put my feet a bit further apart, and grip the bar just a little bit wider too to make conventional comfortable again

I’ve had that recently where the squat and deadlift feel a bit different. It could be because I have bigger legs hence starting to find squatting wider and low bar more comfortable.


That sounds likely. As you grow, your leverages change.

I’d use sumo sparingly as a supplemental. Things like DL without touching the floor, snatch grip, pull to the knees, SLDL, RDL and rack pulls will most likely give you a better return on investment.


This is funny, I have just signed up for Ben Pollacks free intermediate program. A very basic program, 4 days lifting first two days uses the comp lift and the second a close variation and he says for the second pull day use the opposite stance. According to him using the opposite lift will increase the main lift.
I might do this program when I finish my current one.
But a take on the sumo here, do it, but not very heavy.


I remember Pollack saying this in the deadlift video he did with Juggernaut Training Systems. Have a look at it if you are going to do one of his programs!