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Hypem's log: 5/3/1


I ran 6km yesterday.

De Upper

100 pull aparts and 4x4 box jups

8x3x100, 30s rest, felt better than last week and more in tune with the technique. I tried to accelerate the bar all the way, it would sometimes jump a bit from my back but it’s probably not supposed to.

9x1x120, 10s rest
Good to work on the set up again. Speed was good.

DB Rear elevated lunges 3x15x14kg (2x14kg), quads fried
Pendlay rows 3x10x50kg
Back extensions: 3x10
Hanging knee raises 3x10

I leave these sessions pretty tired because of the faster pace but that’s a good thing.

Weight: 86,6kg this morning


ME upper
4x2 explosive push ups 100 pull a parts

Warm up then
3x75, 85, 90, 92,5
I was aiming for 95 and I would have got it but decided to stop there. I thought 92,5 would be my last weight but it actually felt pretty fast. My current 3RM was 90kg so still a PR! I prefered to leave on a good note.


50 pull ups
DB floor press 12x22kg, 26kg
DB chest supported rows 5x10x18kg

Giant set
10 hammer curls, 15 lateral raises, 12 DB rolling triceps extensions, 10 front raises
4 times through using 10-12kg for curls and extensions and 4kg for raises

DB swings SS with DB rear raises, 15 of each two times

Done ! Weight : 87,1kg


Well done Congrats :slight_smile:

I can never do that, I always do to much ending on a bad note.


It’s just about confidence really, I prefer leaving feeling like I had more in the tank. I still strained and did a few triples in a high range so I accomplished the aim of the day.

Especially because it is one of the big three it would bother me more than missing on a floor press.

Thanks for reading!


You’ve developed good habits. It’ll pay off big time down the track.


Thanks Mark that’s the plan ! I’ve learned a lot on here from you guys and I try to follow the spirit of 531, start too light. Anything but getting injured !

ME lower
100 pull aparts, 4x3 broad jump/bounce

Warm up then
3x125,140 (belt on), 150, which matches my 1RM at 165kg. I probably had 5 more kilos and I could have jumped to 155 from 140 but 150 was the aim or the day. Happy with this !

Deficit DL, standing on a 10kg plate about 2cm high
5x110, 120, 130, no belt

As my grip is a limiting factor I’m starting to do DL holds
1x15 secs with 120kg

I pull everything under 160 double overhand but I think implementing these will be a good idea, increasing either weight or time each week

50 pull ups (lost count) between squats and deads

3x12x26 kg DB SLDL and shrug
3x15 crunches on incline bench no weight
The leg press was taken so:
Cable rows: cluster set, 6 reps and 10 sec rest, repeat to reach 100 reps. Around 80 reps with 39kg, 20 with 32kg, really controlling the eccentric.
Leg press free: 3x10x60kg, 10 sec rest between sets

Happy with the session. I usually leave very sweaty as the assistance is fast paced and even the ME work is not slow. Next week is deload which is perfect. I don’t feel run down but because of the heavy weights I think it’s a good idea.


edit: I did ran the day before that, around km, and feeling much better than the week before and faster too. My hamstrings and low back were not as pumped up fro the ME lower.
DE Upper
100 pull aparts, 4x2 explosive push ups

6x3x70, 15sec rest
That felt pretty good, switching grip every 2 sets, going wider.


Seated DB half half full press 2x8x12kg
65 pull ups total

Push ups: 13, 8, 5 , 3, 2
DB flies 2x12x6kg, one with red band, one without
2x(15 Db raises and 8 cuban press with 4kg)
DB rolling triceps extensions with 10 kg, 10s rest (15, 10, 5)
Straight bar curls 2x20x10kg
DB shrugs 2x20x22kg

Weight: 85,95 kg this morning


De lower
4x4 box jumps 100 pull aparts
6x3x110, 30s rest, consistent speed throughout each set, 6 was the right number though

6x1x130, felt good and easier than 9 or 12 singles with lighter weights

Bent over rows

Rear elevated lunges
3x12x16kg in each hand

Back extensions
3x12, 1 set bodyweight, 2 sets with 10kg

Incline bench crunches
3x12, 1 set bodyweight, 2 sets with 10kg

DB side bends
3x12x10, 10, 15 kg


Deload upper

100 face pulls 4x2 explosive push ups

DB Chest supported rows 3x10x14kg
Hammer curl tricep extensions lateral raises, Cuban press: 2 sets of 10 of each with 10kg and 4kg


I’ve been ill this week, sore throat from monday, fever the last 3 days.

Ok enough to go to work, and I jsut went to the gym to sweat a bit.

Deload, squat

3x5x110, paused
3x8x50 SLDL
30 hanging knee raises
30 pull ups

weight 86,25kg

I’m taking it easy this week to make sure I’m ready to start next week.


Deload, yesterday’s training
100 pull aparts, 2x4 box jumps

2x10 pull ups
2x20 push ups, first one with red band
2x10 hanging knee raises
2x10 back extensions
1x30x20kg DB rows (each arm)

Weight 85.95kg this morning


ME Upper

4x2 explosive push up, 100 pull aparts

Pin Press
Warm up then
2x100, PR, 2RM for sure as the last rep was a proper grinder. I relaxed too much at the bottom though and started misgrooving the rep but managed to save it.
It is quite interesting this notion of “learning to strain” which I understand as thinking -as you are grinding- about how you are controlling the bar, timing etc. It teaches you to not be scared of grinding and understand you can save the bar even if it feels hard.

Back downs

DB incline 2x10x24 kg

Chest supported rows 5x15x16kg
DB front raises 4x10x4kg
Hammer curls rest pause 10kg 20, 10, 5
DB rolling extensions 12 kg rest pause 15 5 3
Triceps push downs 2x15
DB lateral/rear raises 1x20x4kg each


Yesterday’s training
Me lower
6x3 seated box jumps onto 36"
100 pull aparts

Front squat
Warm up then
2x110, 120, 125, PR, this is my old 1RM for a double. No belt.

Deficit pull on a 10kg plate

DL double overhand hold
2x15sx120kg, felt easy!

Pendlay rows

Back raises
4x12x15, 10kg, 2 of each

Side bends

Incline Bench crunches
4x12 bodyweight

Weight 86,35kg this morning


De upper
4x2 explosive push ups
150 pull aparts

10x3x60, changing grip every 3 sets, 10s rest, leg drive a bit out of sync

Half half full DB press
10x12, 14kg

Pull ups, weighted
5x5, 6,25, 7,5, 7,5, 7,5kg

Push ups
20 with red band then took it off, 10, 5 (rest pause)

DB clean 2x20x4kg that burns
BB curls 2x20x12,5kg
DB shrugs 2x15x28kg
DB flies 2x12x6kg with red band


De lower
100 pull aparts, 4x4x36" box jumps



2x12x12 kg in each hand, rear elevated DB lunges
3x15 back raises
3x15 hanging knee raises

Weight 86.30 kg

I made a weird movement yesterday or something and I get a sharp pain under my right lat snce then, could be related to front squatting but I had zero pain the day after… Only yesterday. Weird!

Other than that the program is going well. It’s a good change from 531, I get to handle heavier weights but it’s definitely more tiring. The DE days are good to recover from it.


ME Upper

4x3 explosive push ups
100 pull aparts

Bench, was supposed to floor press, but the rack was busy and I had no time to wait
Warm upthen
3x80, 2x90, jumped up to 97.5
Missed the second rep mid-range. The first rep was pretty easy, I thought I had it. That’s OK.

2x5x77.5, felt good

DB floor press
2x10x28kg, feeling good

DB chest supported rows

Hammer curls 40 total reps
DB front raises 40 total reps
Triceps push dows 40 total reps


Me lower

3x4x a box that was there
100 pull aparts

Warm up then
2x130, 150 (belt on), 170, 185kg
I pulled 185 fast but lost the second rep at the lockout, I couldn’t hold it there. Still pretty happy with this. The aim for next month and 1rm will be to hold 200kg which I dropped 4 moths ago. I can probably pull more my grip limits me.

DL holds

Dead squats
These are getting challenging!

4x10x28kg in each hand

Hanging knee raises


De Upper

100 pull aparts, 5x2 explosive push ups

8x3x65kg, felt good

Seated half half full Db press 7x16, 18kg
Pull ups 5x BW, 5, 7.5, 7.5, 5kg, BW
Push ups 20 (red band), 10, 6
DB flies 2x10x10kg
DB 90/90 2x20x4kg
BB curl 15x15, 17.5kg
DB shrugs 2x15x32kg
Red band triceps push downs 2x50

Weight 86.35kg this morning


De Lower

100 pull aparts
seated box jumps 4x3x36"

8x3x100, pauses at the botton makes it much harder to explode up but good practice

9x1x110, 10s rest

Single leg squat
2x10x40 just to practice the movement, not a fan!

Back raises

Hanging knee raises

DB side bends


Me upper
100 pull a parts
6x2 explosive push ups

Floor press
Warm up then
2x80, 90, 100, PR ! I probably had 102,5kg as it felt pretty fast

Db bench

Chest supported rows

Db front raises

Db rolling triceps extensions

Db hammer curls

Weight 87,15kg