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Hypem's log: 5/3/1


For instance start at 6x3 between 55-65% in the first week and increase the number of sets each week ?

Or something like, 6x3, 5x5, 9x3 ? Does it matter ?

Also are you talking only about the bench here ?


Yes, start at 55%. Then working up the volume just like you suggested (I think the top end is 30 total, right?). Then go up to 57.5% and start at 18 total reps again.

Nope, any lift

Not really. As long as you accumulate fatigue and recover, you get stronger.


This is great, thanks.

For the squat and DL, would you recommend 8-12 sets of singles/doubles/triples too ?

Also, how short should short periods be ?


Absolutely. The weights are light and you’re swapping reps every week so it really doesn’t matter. I actually quite like that 6x3, 5x5, 9x3.

Remember, though, you can work within the total reps too. For instance

Week 1 - 18 reps - 3x2, 1x6, 2x3
Week 2 - 24 reps - 4x2, 1x12, 1x4
Week 3 - 30 reps - 10x2, 1x10

I’d keep the rest periods short, 10 seconds is pretty good. You can go by feel too though, but I definitely wouldn’t go longer than a minute.

TBH it’s the total reps and explosiveness that matter. You’ll be fine doing straight sets of doubles, triples and fives too.


That’s all I needed to know, thanks a lot Mark ! I’ll see when I start this, the end of the deload is this week end.

I’ll see how I get on with the first session for the rest intervals.


If your conditioning is halfway decent, you should be fine.


For DE work Alpha uses EMOM sets. The main focus is keeping the bar speed fast and strong. If the bar speed slows, the weight is to heigh.
I do not know anything about it, I read and listen.
I know Mark uses ridiculously short pauses :slight_smile: And if you’re ready to really put force to the DE work then the short pauses should be good.


I’ve watched sime of his videos recently, I’ll try different rest periods and see. I think the bench will be fine and the DL will be the one with more rest.


I tried pin presses! It actually felt pretty good. The pin stopped the bar about an inch off of my chest

I worked up in 10kg jumps. At 75 kg I jumped in singles. I did not intended on going higher but I felt good so I did
1x95 (video)
1x105 (video)

I felt pretty strong, I’m not sure what this means in terms of bench pressing though.
That gives me a benchmark for the next 12 weeksthat I will try to beat with 3RM, 2RM then a new 1RM.



Half half full DB press 2x8x12kg
Hammer curls 2x20
DB triceps extension 2x15x8kg

Weight 85.2kg this morning


It’ll take a while for you to figure out your indicator lifts (supplementals that when they go up, the main lift goes up). They’re also called tester lifts. Then you’ve got builder lifts, which are the ones that make your lifts go up. So, for bench they could be dips, JM presses, etc. Not necessarily muscularly similar to the main lift.


Yes that’s what i understand from the conjugate system.

I’ll do JM press on DE day and other types of extensions. I’ll keep record of the exercises I do to see what builds what.

I think rotating the comp bench, pin press and floor press is good, I get all ranges of motions. The floor press definitely seems to be the one that is hardest


That suggests something, no?


Definitely ! I need to hammer my triceps !


Yesterday’s training
ME Upper

Pin press, about an inch off my chest
4x2 explosive push ups, 100 pull aparts
I worked up in 10 kg jumps from the bar.

3x95, with e-1RM of 104,5. That doesn’t beat my 1RM from last time but I couldn’t have done 97,5 for sure so I’m happy with that!


2x12x22kg DB incline
5x15x14kg DB chest supported rows
3x20x4kg,10, 10, 10, 10 DB front raises
3x20x6kg DB hammer curls
4x20 triceps push downs, alternating one set with machine, one set with my red band, almost no rest between the two

Great workout to start with!


Great workout to get the week started, then the rest have to be as great :slight_smile:


I’m off work for three days so I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

ME Lower

4x4 box jumps 100 pull aparts
Front squats

I worked up in 10 kg jumps from 40kg:

3x100, 110,115, estimated 1RM : 126,5kg PR
Old 1RM is 125kg so technically a PR, I probably had another 5 kg.

I was supposed to do rack pulls but I couldn’t adjust the rack so the bar was under my knee. They also don’t have blocks… So I did normal DL, next time I will be at another gym so it will be OK.


45 degree back raises: 75 total reps, bodyweight: crazy pump
3x15 ab wheel
3x15 hanging knee raises


Yesterday I went for a hike and this morning for a 40km bike ride. Legs a bit tired but all good.

DE Upper

4x2 jumping push up, 100 pull aparts

I decided to follow the loading from the article How I would Westside. Although the first few sets were more practice hence a few more sets. Speed was consistent throughout, I took between 10 and 20 sec rest with the time to set up.

I switched grip every three sets: index on the smooth part of the bar, then a thumb away from the smooth (normal grip) then pinkies on the ring. I need to be careful with the first grip as my elbows were not too happy with it. I’ll take it a bit wider next time.

My hamstrings got super tight too but I guess it’s a good sign ?

I wanted to do JM presses but elbows didn’t like it so I didn’t push it.
Close grip Bench, index just outside the smooth, elbows happy
5x5x70, controlled eccentric

2x8x14kg half half full DB seated press, I really enjoy this exercice
30 pull ups, 2x12 cable rows
3x20x6kg DB rolling extensions
2x12x6kg + red band DB flies, I put the band accross my back and in my hands with the dumbbells… great contraction at the top!
2x20x6kg hammer curls slow eccentrics
2x20x22kg DB shrugs

Called it a day. I need to watch the exercises that hurt my elbows. Apart from that, all good! I need to get better at handling the speed of the bar, that will take a bit of practice.


DE Lower

4x4 Box jumps, 100 pull aparts


12x3x90, from 45s rest to 25s, speed was good throughout

Number of sets will go down next week, % will go up

12x1x110, 10-15 sec rest, felt good to work on the set up so many times
Number of sets will go down next week, % will go up

3x12x28 kg, rear elevated db lunges, that BURNS, so much more than leg presses
3x10x40 kg romanian DL
3x10x40 kg bent over rows
3x10 hanging knee raises

I ran 7k aerobic yesterday, breathing only through the nose to make sure I would not go too fast and burn out


ME Upper

50 face pulls and 4x2 jumping push up
Floor press
3x70, 80, 85, 90, 92,5
I thought my 3RM would be much lower than that but I managed to grind

Back downs

Db Bench 2x12x24kg
Db Chest supported rows 5x12x16kg
Dan Green’s Giant set: 10 of each:
hammer curls 10 kg
lateral raises 4 kg
DB rolling extensions 10 kg
front raises 4 kg
4 times through, no rest

3x12 DB swing for rear delts, SS with 3x15 DB rear delt raises 4kg



Max effort lower
Warm ups sets then
3x150 belt on
3x160, mixed grip from there

The most I’ve locked out being 190kg that’s not an estimated PR but still my best triple ever.
Pretty happy with this given I still have doms from Saturday.

Dead squats
10x1x100kg with 45-30s rest
These are much harder after a hard DL workout than fresh ahah
Speed was good though and managed to accelerate the bar well enough.

50 pull ups total

3x10x60 leg press just going through the motion
3x10x20 DB SLDL with shrug
3x15 hanging knee raises

Done for the day, good session


I ran 4km yesterday, took it easy.

DE Upper
100 pull aparts, 4x2 explosive push ups

8x3x65kg, felt much faster and synchronised than last week. 10-20s rest, hamstrings getting tight again

2x6x70 wide grip
1x5x70 close grip

half half full reps seated DB press 2x6x16kg, 1x8x10 kg
DB flies 2x12x6kg + red band

40 pull ups
straight bar curls 2x20x10kg
lateral raises + cuban press 2x8x4kg
DB shrugs 2x20x22kg
cable rows 5x10

I’m enjoying the assistance work on these days.