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Hypem's log: 5/3/1



My back is feeling better as I can move normally but i can’t bend over without feeling a niggle. Then sometimes the pain comes back during a sudden movement.

Benching was totally fine and I paused all my reps of the 531 sets for safety

9x75 which is probably a PR paused and I had at lest one in the tank.

5x10x50 varying grips
50 pull ups

2x12x8kg db flies
2x20x8kg hammer curls
4 sets of push ups with 10 sec rest : 15 6 4 4

I was away this week end and did some walking running and swimming. It felt nice and relaxing and was perfect timing to get a rest for my back.

I will see how squatting treats me. I’ll probably finish the cycle with 5s pro and leg presses. I’ll see.



My back is feeling great, a bit of a niggle when I stand up and uncrunch my torso.


5x5x70 sldl

15 pull ups
Then I started to do hanging knee raises but that was stretching my pulled muscle so I stopped. Very happy I can deadlift with no pain.


100 band pull aparts

12x47,5 pretty happy with this, tried to pause and control properly the bar to avoid hurting my neck or back

50 pull ups

4x12 lateral and rear delt raises
3x12x8kg rolling db extensions
3x12x15kg straight bar curls
40 total reps with 12kg db bench

Great workout, decided to do a tad more assistance as I felt great.


Alright! Day of truth!



My back was feeling great the last two days but I wasn’t sure how it would hold up with squatting. I didn’t want to take my belt and use it as a crutch so I decided to stop if I felt any pain.

I worked up from 50 kg and felt totally fine in the warm ups.

5x130, actually a PR even though I had a few more reps in me but was very glad I didn’t feel anything in my back.

I actually moved the bar a tad lower, like half a centimeter at most and that helped me stay more upright. Maybe my new bar position?

I decided to not do BBB on the squat and pushing my luck. So I went to the leg press, first time since I started training seriously actually.

5x15x100kg,I was not sure how much weight to use. My legs were burning but it’s definitely not as demanding as squatting for sets of 10. Good pump though.

50 pull ups
30 hanging knee raises, 50 ab wheel roll outs

weight this morning: 85.5kg

I just got a scale so I will weigh myself every morning. My BF is around 15.5%, which was expected.


Nice workout. Glad the back held up.


Cheers mortdk, I appreciate. I feel a slight niggle from time to time but no pain at all. It’s more a stretch.


100 face pulls

8x80, I was aiming for 9 but glad anyway after swimming and a track session yesterday. All paused too.

5x10x50 varying grips
5x15x20 db rows great lat pump
2x12x8kg db fly
Straight car curls 50 reps with 10kg
4 sets of push ups: 15 8 5 3



8x132,5, 8 was the aim as I didn’t want to push to much with my back. The first few reps felt great but then they slowed down so it was a good shout.

5x10x70, 2 sldl, 2 snatch grip, 1 normal grip. Low back and abs fried up.
75 hanging knee raises

Weight 85,5 kg this morning

Tomorrow is the end of 6 weeks of BBB. My anchor is the triumvirate which will be fun.

After these three weeks I’m not sure what 3 cycle program I will start. So many things I could try !


Every time I look at a log, somebody is starting something new, and I think wow I must try that. Very hard to stay focused on 5/3/1 :slight_smile:


I agree, I always try to remember why i chose a program and stick to it!

I have been training but just didn’t have time to log
C18W3D4 end of BBB

5x40, 45
12x50 ! I think I did 12 which is a 1 rep PR! If not then that is getting the same number of rep but much cleaner.

2x20 hammer curls
50 pull ups
2x12 cable rows
3x20 cable push downs

Start of Triumvirate
5x120, I felt like pushing my squat was not a good idea for my back yet. Better be safe for now.

6x15x100 leg press
5x15 leg curls, first time ever doing these. Hamtrings are still tight from the DL session so it was good to get the blood flowing.


I am thinking of using a juggernaut template from CWS for my next strength phase. It would be an interesting change of pace. I have 3 weeks to decide!


100 pull aparts
12x72,5 short pauses

Db low incline bench 5x15x20 18 16 14 13
Db rows 5x15x20kg

Done ! I didn’t feel like pushing too much. Happy with the PR set, getting used to pausing heavy sets again


I usually don’t work out on Tuesdays but I’m busy tomorrow night so I decided to do the DL workout today

100 pull aparts
11x122,5 the reps started to slow down so I stopped but I could have done 3 or 4 more with good form.

5x10x70 snatch grip DL. My low back get pretty pump but since recently my abs get very tight during long sets, maybe this is just me starting to use my core ?

75 hanging knee raises

Done !


Yesterday’s training

100 pull aparts

5x37,5 42,5
14x47,5 which matches my PR I think

Db press 5x10x12kg
50 pull ups
Straight bar curl 5x10x15kg
Db rolling tricep extension 5x15x8kg
Db lateral and rear with 2,5 kg plates 4x20



100 pull aparts - 4x4 box jumps


11x125, PR! 1 more rep than last cycle

Front squats
5x10x60 kg
I decided against leg presses as i can go as deep as squatting. Front squatting was a good choice
5x15 leg curls
Legs fried up

I’m glad to be finishing high volume work in two weeks.


100 pull aparts

9x77,5 paused which is great !

5x10x20kg Db low incline bench
6x10x50kg pendlay rows
2x20x8kg hammer curls


100 pull aparts

10x130 matches my PR. Probably a better form and better set up.

5x10x70kg SLDL
75 hanging knee raises

Done !

I’m starting to consider the different options I have after this cycle.

While looking around juggernaut I found the hybrid athlete by Alex viada. Being an endurance guy when I started lifting I found the concept interesting. I’d like to run a but through the summer.

Basically Alex Viada uses the a west side approach of ME/DE where the ME work is focused on the competition lifts ranging from heavy 5s, triples and singles. The DE work is rather rep work to prevent losing muscle from the endurance activity. There is no bands or chains and the variations are pretty specific as far as I understand from a but if research (paused work etc). The two part article “so you want to run” from him is pretty cool.
@MarkKo, do you know much about this approach?


It sounds pretty much exactly like WS4SB to me, except with running. I guess sticking to the comp lifts for ME work could burn you out if you’re really doing ME work, but I don’t see why you couldn’t rotate through variations every two to three weeks and get exactly the same effect. That way you wouldn’t need to mess with fives and just stick to singles, doubles and triples.


The ME work is not really maximal though, you’re not supposed to miss reps.
For instance for a top double the percentage given is 90%, so i think you could say you always work at an RPE9 on a ME day.

I think that is how you don’t get burnt out and have variation with the intensity cycling.

You;re right though it does look like WS4SB, I’ll have a look at that too


Then it isn’t ME, although ME has nothing to do with missing reps. ME is about straining. Sounds like another way of saying heavy five or three ans making it sound cool.


Hmm I see. I think given the running he wants to keep the strength training simple and include specific variation in the supplemental work to make sure it transfers.
I’m not sure what he means by rotating 5s, triples and singles though: change every week or do 3 weeks of 5s, then 3 weeks of triples etc? The first week could be conservative then beat that each week.

Although I don’t see that written in stone and rotating exercises could be a good thing but I have zero experience with that.

Basically the two heavy days are at the start of the week where intervals are done too. Then as the week progresses slower and longer runs are done and more reps with lower weights on the two other days.

The whole thing seems to use heavy weights throughout as most sets seem to be above 75%.


Well, if you want to try it have at it. From the description it sounds like WS4SB would be a better option to do much the same but TBH it doesn’t really matter if you’re keener on Viada’s program.