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Just out of curiosity, have any of you guys had a hyernia? You know, when your intestines go through the hole in your pelvic bone and into your sack. JUst curious because I have been going heavier on my deads and my squats, so I want to know what to expect, what it feels like, and how long I will be out of the gym. Thanks!

There are different types of hernias (sp). I have never had one. Back in the day working on the farm when pigs intestines were in their sack (they really didn’t have one at this point) and we casterated them, we called it a rupture. There were two types, one when just the intestinal wall that kept the balls out of the sack was not there, and another kind where there were intestines in the nuts themselves. I guess I didn’t really answer your question, but hey I had to tell the story.

I’ll tell ya, I had a Rottweiler and a hyernia came up and actually beat up my Rotty, surprisingly enough.
Actually, you’ll feel a slight protusion down in your lower abdomen. You have to get it fixed, should the intestine poke through. I think genetic weakness more than heavy lifting, is the culprit.

Been there, done that. For me it felt like a little rubber supperball had been wedged into my hip joint. It only hurt when I did squats though. The pain isn’t severe at all, just a twang but if you feel it I suggest you take it as a warning. Fortunately I didn’t have to stay out of the gym at all. After it was diagnosed my doctor initially said I couldn’t lift but after pestering him he said I could lift so long as I avoided creating serious pressure in my torso. I did light maintanence work for a month, went back to the doctor and the hyernia was better, no surgery. That was over two years ago and it hasn’t bothered me since excpet for the occasional twang, which hasn’t happened in months now.