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What does everybody think of Hydroxycut. I have a couple of friends who swear by it. But I’ve read a couple of supplement reviews that say that the main ingredient, Hydroxy Citric Acid, has no real effect.

HCA supposedly prevents spillover into fat. I have not noticed this effect while using HCA. This is likely because while using thermogenics, one does not eat over maintainance calories. In my opinion, even if it does work (which I doubt), it is probably useless if you are already dieting.

I thought it was a big waste of money. Xenadrine worked well for me, but now I’m using MD6 and T2. The T2 really helps to break through plateaus.

However, their spokes-doctor (Christine Lydon) is one fine lady.

I disliked it intensely. It gave me the jitters, eye twitches and sleep problems. Also, it made me short tempered. I like T2 a lot and I will take Diet Fuel along with the T2. I don’t have any problems with that stack.

I lost 35 lbs. last summer using hydroxycut, Fatshredder by Worldwide, and generic chromium picolonate. I lost the 35 lbs. in about 3 and a half weeks. I mainly used the hydroxycut before workouts to get me going. But, I also significantly altered my diet (no junk food, McDonald’s, or sugar) during that time. To top it off, I was working manual labor outside 8 hours a day. You can pretty much draw your own conclusions. I was previously at 230, but pretty much a fatass. I figured it was time to lose all the fat and start over at 195 lbs.