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Hydroxycut VS MD6 ?

Im 21 and in my quest for buffness have been going to the gym for about 6 months now and have seen considerable change in my body for the better. I sitll have a handle of fat around my waist though and am giong to shell out a lot of dough to buy some thermogenic crap. I liv ein malaysia so i have to order it form overseas you see. Now my question is to all you experienced bodybuilders, which would be better…all ive heard of is Hydroxycut…but then i saw this MD6 stuff too?
Pls Advise.

I’m from Malaysia too (studying in Australia)and should point out that the Malaysian customs are very strict with imported supplements…some get through and some don’t…however, Hydroxycut is an ECA stack which most companies sell…couldn’t actually get my hands on MD6 so i can’t say anything about its effectiveness…btw…it is a pain trying to find a good gym in Malaysia.