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Hydroxycut Hardcore


Has anybody tried this new supp?

I wonder whats different about it from regular hydroxycut.

Would you consider trying it?


HOT-ROX is much better in my opinion, and I've tried both.




I can't find the Maximum Strenght ones anywhere in Canada :frowning:


Just increase your serving size. Max HOT-ROX is a 4 capsule serving, regular HOT-ROX is 2.


Is this really true? Can an admin. from T-Nation please confirm this? If so I'll start taking 4 per serving of my GNC bought HOT-ROX right away.



I ordered a bottle off this website, havn't used it yet because I want to diet and do cardio when I start, but after reading the label I can attest the the following things:

1) 8 capsules is not to be exceeded during a 24 hour period

2) You take two doses a day

3) Doses range from 1-4 capsules.


You can double up on the dosage of the regular HOT-ROX, but the Maximum Strength is formulated differently because maximizing each ingredient to maximum potency is different then just doubling everything. There might be a synergy there too.

The Max Strength should work better then just doubling up the regular strength. Although I am not sure whether it is a substantial enough difference to really matter.

2 capsules of regular strength equal 950 mg while 4 capsules of Max Strength equal 1500 mg. Also the regular strength lists 20/700 after the A7-E, while the Max lists 45/900. Oh yeah, Fahrenheit lists 750 mg, and 15/500 respectively.

I believe Cy has written about this before.


You can just order them from here.

I find most supps ads in magazines kind of laughable. The 'models' will usually show some muscle with some extra fat in the before pic. The after pic, they'll be all ripped. Assuming that they couldn't get away with completely bullshitting, and those pics are accurate and true...

I'd guess that the 'models' are fit, with a low BF%, then 'bulk up' to put on the fat for the 'before pic. Then, they take the product, drop their calories, work out like MoFo's and 'voila', the after pic.

And are we supposed to believe that the pro bodybuilders in magazines really owe all their muscle to a suppliment in a can?

\|/ 3Toes


Time to start taking 4 per serving then. This could also explain why Biotest gives 136 pills in their Maximum Stregnth version...GNC or the regular stregnth is only 90 i believe.

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