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Hydroxycut Hardcore Recall


Hey I was just wondering if anyone here has ever used Hydroxycut Hardcore that recently got recalled for liver damaging effects. When I took it a year back to lose weight, I started getting extremely painful cramp-like aches in my mid-section specifically on one side. Has anyone that has used Hydroxycut experienced any negative symtoms like this? I'm considering getting legal consultation.


I find it very hard to believe that anyone (besides a couple of folks with pre existing conditions, who didn't adhere to the label warning, or even directions) had any 'real' problems. 'Fat Burners' are nothing more than glorified caffeine in my book. Nothing in them isn't something you couldn't get in your diet, but lazy folks seem to need a magic pills.

Have I popped a few in my day? Sure, but the best explanation I ever heard was from a buddy who is actually sponsored by the company you're referring to. After making sure none of the 'reps' were within ear shot, he said that the only thing a fat burner will do for you, is make it a little easier to get your fat ass off the couch and to the gym. The rest (hard work and consistency) is still up to you to do.



im pretty confident that your painful cramps were from not drinking enough water.


Thanks for the info.